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Revamp Your Home Office With These 5 Style Tips

10th February 2021

Working from home has become standard for so many of us in this new era. While you may be thankful to have cut out your morning commute and have increased flexibility in your schedule, working from home comes with its own set of challenges. It is important to set up a space that is as inviting as it is functional. Invest in a thoughtful and practical design so your home office is warm and peaceful. This space should be one where you can both focus and draw inspiration. Here are a few tips to help revamp your home office and increase your productivity.

  • Designate a work-only space and minimize distractions.

While working from home, it is important to draw a distinction between your living and working spaces. Make your office a designated workspace and keep it separate from places in which you unwind, exercise, or do other activities, you may want to look into putting a prefab studio shed in your backyard if you need a totally separate space. This will make it easier to get in the work zone and stay focused. If possible, set up the office space in a part of your house that has minimal outside noise. Remove distractions and non-work-related elements. Set boundaries such as no social media between certain hours of the day. If you live with other people, ask them to respect your working hours as well.

  • Incorporate light and natural elements.

The energy of the room is conducive to your productivity. Incorporate light and elements of nature to create a bright yet calm workspace. If you have the option to paint the walls, choose a color that keeps you relaxed and inspired. Cool tones, from whites and soft greys, to blues and greens, are easy on the eyes and will incorporate a peaceful energy and lower stress levels.

By adding elements of nature into your home office, you will breathe life into the space. Maximize access to natural light and orient your desk around it if possible. Big windows with sun streaming through can boost your mood, energy, and focus. Add in a lamp to counter darker days during the winter. Fill the room with thoughtfully chosen plants, which add more than just an aesthetically pleasing touch. Succulents, snake plants, bamboo, and lilies are among the best plant options for your home office. Natural elements, such as indoor plants and flowers, are stress-relievers and help to refocus your attention.

  • Invest in a quality desk and chair.

Since you’ll be doing the majority of your work from this space, it is imperative to invest in a quality desk and chair. Study the space that you have and choose a design that will allow for a setup conducive to your needs. If your work requires multiple monitors to properly see your work, consider this when selecting a desk. Remember that you’ll be spending long hours sitting so consider your physical needs when designing the setup as well. If you are physically uncomfortable, your concentration and productivity will suffer.

Rather than sitting all day, maybe you want to experiment with a standing desk, which can reduce back pain and improve energy levels. Or, invest in a high-quality chair that will support your back. A good chair should keep your spine in a neutral posture with your feet flat on the ground. Mesh is both flexible and breathable, making it an optimal material for a chair that will move with your body and keep you cool. If you have doubts about which type of chair to invest in, you can see a few websites of office supply companies (perhaps one similar to office monster) to check out various chair designs available in the market. Ensure that you have a setup that grants you the space to stay focused and organized as well as comfortable to maximize your productivity.

  • Maximize space and stay organized.

Few things are more detrimental to productivity than clutter. Keep your desk simple and organized. Choose a few minimalistic accessories that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Items like a holder for pens and pencils, a magazine holder to store folders, and stacked drawers for papers and other small accessories are helpful for your desktop. Choose organizational units in the same color so they blend in with the wall and desk. Make sure that your cords are hidden. If you require more space, add a set of shelves or cabinets along the walls, which will improve your organization. Display your books on the shelves and store other supplies out of sight in the cabinets.

  • Make your office cozy with inspiring details.

While you want your workspace to be organised, you also want to make it cosy. Add personal touches to the office to make it as inviting as possible. These details may seem trivial but by creating a space that is calming and peaceful, you will be more motivated to spend time in your office and stay productive. Hang up a favourite photograph or painting that captures your attention. Display an inspirational quote in your line of sight that you can look to for motivation. Light your favourite scented candle or diffuse essential oils. A simple scent not only adds a personal touch to a room, it can also brighten your mood and refocus your attention. Add small details, like gemstones, pottery, or anything else that draws your workspace together and brings a smile to your face. If you are looking for a more rustic look, why not renovate your office area to incorporate brick slips which offers a sensational, eye-catching look that creates a greater distinction for your office to the other areas of your house and will keep you motivated to work.

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