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13th February 2024

How to Score 67 Points to Immigrate to Canada?

We keep hearing many immigrants choosing Canada as their workplace and home at the same time. Many of them are mainly from countries like India and China. Why? Well, the demand for skilled workers is met by these nations with remarkable ease.

Since moving to Canada, has become synonymous with permanent residence, what you get is a whole lot more. Your PR is like a long-term benefits package packed into one. Free healthcare, education, and all kinds of social services, a PR is like your golden ticket to Canada.

And here comes the entire concept of 67 points immigration Canada. It is like your ‘entry card’ for your profile to even enter the pool. Once you pass the points test you are ready to be ranked on the Comprehensive Ranking system.

Scoring 67 Points – Can it be that easy?

Yes, you can score 67 points, just having it figured out can make it much easier. The smartest solution is to visit certified immigration consultants in Mumbai. Discuss your doubts with them. Let us first talk about the main 6 selection factors based on which you are granted points.

  1. Age
  2. Work Experience
  3. Educational Credentials
  4. Language Fluency (Both English and French)
  5. Arranged Employment
  6. Adaptability

If you manage to score well on each of these factors individually, you can even manage more than 67 points. Mainly, these points are important if you are applying to an economic class immigration program under the Express entry system.

On the other hand, scoring 67 points or more is not necessarily “easy” for everyone.  So, work hard on getting points from retaking your IELTS test. An average score of more than 7 will boost your profile and make it a perfect entrant in the pool.

Even upgrading your skills or gaining more work experience can have a positive impact on those who score low on other factors. Always make up your points. See where you can improve, and see how easy it becomes to score 67 points Immigration Canada.

Hacks to Score that Perfect 67 or even more

Tip No. 1 – Work on your IELTS scores

Getting a good IELTS score can uplift your profile chances to enter the pool in a big way. Do not miss the chance to understand how can you score well across all four bands. They are Reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

When you combine your IELTS with post-secondary education, it is like a match made in heaven. You immediately get more points. Let us tell you, that Language alone can fetch you as much as 28 points, with your first official language granting you 24 points.

An approved language test like IELTS or CELPIP (English) and TEF for French is admissible for Language test points. These tests are valid for up to 2 years from the test result. Managing your time and giving equal amounts to each section can be a challenge.

Consider enrolling for IELTS coaching or taking up online mock tests for IELTS.

Tip 2 – Study more to Score More

A higher degree, diploma, or certificate can make you score 67 or even higher eligibility points. Having an educational qualification from Canada can increase your chances of pushing up on your points. It is your study in Canada that helps you get to know how to get job in Canada from India.

You know what employers are hiring in your field and how your resume can heighten your PR chances. In case you have an overseas study degree make sure to get your Educational Credential Assessment. This is especially true for immigration points. Also, get your ECA done only from designated organizations approved by the IRCC.

Your education must be equivalent to an accomplished certificate, diploma, or degree. This must be either from a secondary (high school) or a post-secondary institution in Canada. When you apply or fill in details, attach your ECA or Canada-based educational degree.

A post-graduation or Masters can even add up more points compared to a Bachelor’s or even a Diploma. Doing your education in Canada also has the same positive impact on your profile.

Tip 3 – Pick the Right Age for applying for Canada PR

Are you a young 18 years old or 47 years old? You must be thinking how does it matter, but well it does. Being between the ages of 18 to 35 can get you a flat 12 points straightway. Even the 30 to 40 age bracket is ideal for applying.

If your age falls within the bracket, and an excellent education or language score, there is no stopping you get a Canada PR. Though age is allotted just 12 points, in some cases even this plays a huge role in giving you sufficient eligibility points.

Tip 4 – How can we not speak about Work Experience

If Canada needs skilled workers they need an experienced individual. This can be from Canada or their home country. Points are easier to get when you have obtained full-time work experience for a minimum of 30 hours per week.

This experience can gain points only if it is in a skilled job listed in the Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER) category 0, 1, 2, or 3.

You can avail a total of 15 points based on how you got this work experience. This can be either from Canada or overseas, experience gained while studying, or even being self–employed. Having a work experience of 6 years or more can help you gain a total of 15 points.

In case, your main responsibilities for the job match what you did in your previous organization, you can get added points. Make sure you identify the NOC code for every job you wish to put in your Express entry profile.


Want to score the perfect 67? These tips can help you get a 67 or more scores. If you still cannot get it, you can visit Nationwide Visas, who are thebest immigration consultants in Mumbai.

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