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What are Some of the Best Resume Builder Apps?

28th June 2023

A wise person once told me that there are many things in life that you shouldn’t skimp on and resumes are one of them. This personal marketing document can catapult you into the career of your dreams and the salary of a lifetime. With resumes being used in almost every facet of the working world, it’s not something you should do on a whim.

Personally, I prefer a reputable resume company to professionally craft my resume. Although they may be pricey, a keyword rich and optimized resume can help you get the interview you need with a quick turnaround time.

For those of you who are more creative and on a budget, there are several resume apps available that can help you create professional and visually appealing resumes. Here are some popular options:

  1. Canva: Canva is a versatile graphic design tool that offers a wide range of resume templates. It allows you to customize your resume with different fonts, colors, and layouts.
  1. Resume Star: Resume Star offers an easy-to-use interface and provides professionally designed resume templates. It also offers guidance on crafting effective resume content.
  1. Novorésumé: Novorésumé provides a range of visually appealing resume templates. It offers a step-by-step resume-building process and includes sections for various resume elements.
  1. Resume Builder by Nobody: This app provides professionally designed templates and allows you to create and customize your resume. It also offers a cover letter builder and a job search feature.
  1. Microsoft Word: While not specifically an app, Microsoft Word’s mobile version is available for both Android and iOS. It offers a range of resume templates and allows you to create and edit resumes on the go.
  1. LinkedIn: LinkedIn has a built-in feature that allows you to create and share your resume directly on the platform. It offers a user-friendly interface and integration with your LinkedIn profile.

What are some of the best military resume builder apps?

There are several popular military resume builder apps available. However, it’s important to note that the availability and popularity of apps can change over time. Here are a few military resume builder apps that were well-regarded:

  1. Military Resume Builder Pro: This app is specifically designed for military personnel transitioning into civilian careers. It offers customizable templates, pre-written bullet points, and the ability to input military experience and skills.
  1. Resume Star: While not exclusive to the military, Resume Star is a versatile resume-building app that allows users to create professional resumes tailored to their needs. It offers various templates and formatting options.
  1. Resume Builder by Nobody: This app provides a straightforward and intuitive interface for creating resumes. It offers customizable templates, the ability to import data from LinkedIn, and the option to export resumes as PDF files.
  1. iReformat: This app is focused on converting military resumes into a civilian-friendly format. It helps military professionals highlight their transferable skills and achievements in a way that is easily understood by employers outside the military.
  1. Resume Builder & CV Maker by VisualCV: VisualCV is a popular resume builder app that offers templates and features suitable for military professionals. It allows users to create resumes and CVs with a professional look and offers options for including military experience and skills.

It’s worth mentioning that while resume apps can be helpful in creating and formatting your resume, it’s important to ensure the content is tailored to your specific skills, experiences, and the job you’re applying for.

You’ll also want to research and evaluate the features, user reviews, and ratings of these apps to determine which one aligns with your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, you may want to explore alternative options and newer apps that have been newly released as they may have the most up-to-date and advanced capabilities.

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