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3 Different Types of Burn Injuries

4th October 2022

Burn injuries are relatively common. While the term burn typically refers to injuries caused by fire, this type of injury can also be caused by chemicals or through exposure to hot objects. The most common types of burn injuries are those caused by fire and chemicals. You can consult a burn injury lawyer to learn more about the different types of burn injuries in detail. In most cases, burn injuries are graded based on the severity of the injury and are described as first, second, third, or fourth-degree burns.

Let us now see more into these 3 main categories of burn injuries.

  1. First-degree burns

A first-degree burn is caused by direct contact with flames and hot objects, such as electrical cables. This type of burn injury can cause severe scarring and is often referred to as a superficial or partial-thickness burn injury. They usually only affect the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin. However, these types of burns are still serious. They cause redness, swelling, and pain. And often, these patients will be suffering from pain and discomfort for several weeks after the incident, causing symptoms such as fatigue, muscle tissue swelling, and joint pain.

  1. Second-degree burns

Second-degree burns are more serious. They damage both the epidermis, the outer layer, and the dermis, the middle layer. This type of burn injury causes blistering, intense pain, and skin discoloration. The wounds from second-degree burns usually appear wet and red or pink in color.

Although second-degree burns are less severe than third or fourth-degree burns, they can still cause scarring and other complications that may lead to more painful procedures in the future. These types of damage can happen to anyone as they often result from small accidents like hot water splashes. In most cases, these burns usually heal within three weeks after the accident. 

  1. Third-degree burns

Third-degree burns are the most serious burns. They cause complete damage to the skin layers and even the layer of fat beneath the skin layers. The wounds of third-degree burns usually appear charred white or black. This type of burn injury is the most serious burn injury as it can cause severe scarring and even death. Tendons, muscles, and bones can all be affected because the damage of third-degree burns happens at a cellular level.

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