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Mistakes to Avoid When Injured in a Drunk Driving Collision

24th August 2022

When a drunk driver causes an auto accident, he/she is liable to compensate for the property damage and injuries under specific state laws. Often, individuals make mistakes, which decreases the value of the claim. This is concerning because even when one has not committed anything wrong in the collision, one has to bear the consequences of property damage and injuries. Thus, one must avoid making errors after a DUI wreck and seek theprofessional help ofexperienced attorneys.

Avoiding medical care

This is one of the foremost aspects that must be considered by a DUI victim. When the crash victim doesn’t seek medical care, he/she jeopardizes their health. Additionally, the insurance company also gets the opportunity to claim that the injuries obtained are not from the crash. Back and neck injuries, along with traumatic brain injuries, are the most common forms of physical issues suffered during a DUI wreck. But it might take hours or sometimes days to realize that one is suffering from such injuries.

Not filing a police complaint

Contacting the police and filing a complaint is a necessary step after getting involved in a drunk driving case. Victims often ignore getting in touch with the police and relay the entire situation to them. This in turn makes one lose important information about the drunk driver, witnesses, and other aspects of the incident that can help make claims easier and obtain the maximum amount of compensation. It is found that when no initial police complaint is made, there are arguments with the drunk driver’s insurance company concerning whether any DUI wreck took place. It can completely jeopardize the insurance claim.

Not taking pictures and failing to seek contact information

Taking pictures at the crash scene can act as vital evidence for the insurance companies and, in a more advanced situation, for the court trials. The images of the damaged vehicle, the injuries of the victim, and the entire crash scene can be deciding factors. When one fails to capture pictures right away at the accident scene, valuable evidence that a DUI wreck took place and how it took place gets lost.

Along with capturing accident scene pictures, it is vital to obtain contact information about the drunk driver and his/her insurance company. Obtaining information about passersby and other witnesses is also important to ensure that a car crash took place and the victim has been affected by physical injuries and property damage. Acquiring insurance claim compensation and reimbursement benefits is easier when there is relevant evidence available.

Not hiring an attorney

One of the biggest mistakes that one could make is not hiring an attorney to handle the legal procedures soon after a DUI wreck takes place. The attorney carries out his/her investigation on the crash scene and also acquires and safely preserves the evidence collected. Furthermore, he/she can assist the victim in filing the claim and ensure that no mistakes are made. Additionally, the attorney also helps his/her client to negotiate a meaningful settlement and helps in receiving what one deserves.


Drunk driving accidents are common and sometimes cause serious injuries and property damage. In such situations, the victim is liable to get huge compensation. But due to some common mistakes, a DUI wreck victim often fails to claim compensation. Hiring a personal injury lawyer seems to be the best option to avoid mistakes after a DUI incident.

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