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How to Make Your Business Packaging More Eco-Friendly

10th May 2022

On a global scale, there is a major push for everyone to take accountability for their carbon footprints. This extends to companies as well. Not only are there moral reasons to adopt more eco-friendly business practices, but you’re also putting yourself at a marketing disadvantage by not making the change due to increasing consumer demand to support companies that prove they care about the world we all live in.

How do you do that, though? Don’t you have to make drastic changes to your entire business model to do something like that? No. While there are lots of ways to conduct business in a greener manner, you can start by simply changing how you handle your business packaging.

Your business probably sends and receives a lot of mail; whether you’re sending notices across departments, or you’re shipping products to customers, you’re working with packaging. Luckily, just moving away from plastic mailing packaging to eco mailing bags, eco-friendly boxes, and a couple of other options. Let’s go over the main packaging changes you need to look into.

Eco Mailing Bags

If you find yourself mailing a lot of smaller items or paperwork, or your business shifts paperwork between departments via in-house mail slots, you can benefit a lot from eco mailing bags. Eco mailing bags are mail-worthy paper bags crafted from recycled materials. These are biodegradable, can be recycled easily with the same recycling service you use for your newspapers and similar items, and they can be used for all the same things you would use a traditional poly bag for.

Recycled Boxes

Cardboard boxes are nothing new. They’ve been used to ship or carry larger items or high volumes of small goods and paperwork for as long as anyone can remember. However, fresh cardboard boxes are a tremendous waste of resources, and simply switching to 100% recycled cardboard boxes can reduce your company’s carbon footprint without really changing anything. They’re the exact same boxes; they’re just made from used materials.

Helping the Oceans with Eco-Friendly Mailing Alternatives for Your Business

You probably know that recycled paper products are made from old paper that other people have turned into their local recycling plants. However, did you know that that isn’t the only way eco-friendly packaging can be made?

There is a sea plant called hyacinth that is also used. This paper-like sea plant can be used to make just about any paper product, including the packaging your company uses every day, but instead of having a negative environmental impact like tree-based paper, hyacinth paper helps maintain ecosystems.

Hyacinth is currently a major problem on various coasts, and it’s choking out local wildlife and flora. By purchasing packaging made from hyacinth, you not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also support companies that actively get rid of this destructive plant and help coastal ecosystems to thrive.

Switching to any of these new packaging materials has almost no impact on your company’s day-to-day operations, but they mean a world of difference from both a marketing and ecological viewpoint. You’ll be able to win over the hearts of eco-conscious customers and help the planet at the same time. 

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