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Additions to printed tissue paper packaging

5th March 2022

If you are a business, making sure that your customers’ whole journey exceeds expectations is important, including even after the purchase has been made. Having branded packaging such as printed tissue paper within your parcels that customers receive is not only an eco-friendly option but also helps to elevate your brand image.

But what if you want to go one step further in your packaging, what can you use to accompany your printed tissue paper to really give your packaging the edge?

Printed mailing boxes

Aside from branding the inside of your package, you could go all out and even get custom printed boxes. This would mean that your customer would be able to recognise their parcel from your brand before even opening it. Aside from the brand reinforcement this also will increase the chances of your customers posting unboxing pictures or videos to social media which is free marketing.

Thank you notes

A personal touch to accompany printed tissue paper could be a thank-you note from your business. If your business is small or in its infancy then a handwritten thank you note could really go a long way in building relationships with your customers. A handwritten thank you note reminds the customer that their purchase has helped to support livelihoods and is not just lining the pockets of a multinational company CEO. The ‘shop small’ and ‘support local’ purchase movement encourages people to sway towards purchasing from small local businesses and a handwritten thank you note would really help to reinforce this message. You can also send a few more cute items with the package, such as car stickers and laptop stickers, which your customers can use to decorate their belongings. Moreover, you can make stickers online to have your business name printed on them in a corner. This can be used as a great promotional and branding strategy.

Discount code

Although having a customer buy once is a big win, you really want to encourage them to become repeat and loyal customers. A way that you can encourage them to do this is by including a discount voucher for their next purchase. Even if they do not use the discount voucher themselves they may give it to friends or family and encourage one of them to make their first purchase from your business. Having a branded discount voucher within your packaging will really help to compliment custom printed tissue paper, as long as the aesthetics match it can help to reinforce your brand image.


Depending on your business, it may be possible to add testers or samples to your packaging. Cosmetic companies benefit greatly from this packaging tactic, with some using Impacked Packaging for their packaging needs. You can choose which testers to include judging from their current purchase, maybe there is a different scent or flavour of a product they have bought that they might like to try. Adding testers/samples to your printed tissue paper packaging could also help to reduce waste, for example if you make candles, by sending out slightly wonky candles as samples. The products that do not meet usual standards but would be okay to add for free as a gift are a good idea. You could even add a branded note to explain your waste reducing procedure. If your business branding is to be seen as environmentally friendly then this could help to strengthen your brand image in this light.

Printed tissue paper is a great way to upgrade the parcels that you send out to your customers, however there are ways to help you stand out even further by small additions to your packaging. It is important to think about what is of value to your customers, holding a focus group would be a good idea to really find out the best way to add value to your customers’ orders.

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