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Top 3 Home Broadband Plans For Home-based Workers

25th January 2022

Several people are now working from home due to various factors but perhaps this can be attributed to the availability of high-speed internet connection now accessible to numerous households in the country, and the fact that it is so easy to look at more info online to help them choose the plan that is going to provide them with the most reliable internet so that they are able to work. For most people working from home though, the reliability of the connection matters more than the speed of the plan, but this still depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. This article lists down some of the best broadband plans in Australia for home-based workers.

Standard Speed Tier: NBN 50

  • Aussie Broadband 50/20 Unlimited – Everyday nbn™, $69 per month

Aussie Broadband is one of the internet service providers in Australia that takes pride in providing an all-Australian technical support team. Their plan under the standard speed tier is considered to be one of the best broadband plans because with this, you will be able to enjoy a typical evening speed of 50Mbps, which is the same speed as the one they advertised. This plan comes with unlimited data, a home phone service with pay-as-you-go calls, as well as a BYO modem.

For a person working from home, this will prove to be the best deal because a speed of 50Mbps will already be sufficient to permit downloads of large files in a matter of minutes. It will also foster video calls without lags for as long as there is a limited number of users leveraging your internet connection. Rest assured that you will only pay a meagre sum to enjoy these benefits.

Fast Speed Tier: NBN 100

  • TPG FTTB Superfast Bundle, $59.99. per month

It may be quite surprising that TPG’s plan under the fast speed tier is cheaper than other internet service providers. But this is the reason why TPG is one of the best providers. Apart from the cost-effective pricing of their plans, you can also rely on their 7-day customer support service. The best part is that this plan features a no-contract term, which means that you are free to upgrade or downgrade anytime you deem the need to.

An NBN plan under the fast speed tier will prove beneficial for home-based workers who need to transmit significantly large files frequently because with this plan, doing so would only take them a couple of seconds. You also won’t have to spend that much because most plans under the fast speed tier are still within a reasonable cost.

Super Fast Speed Tier: NBN 250

  • Telstra Superfast Speed + Unlimited Data, $140 per month

While Telstra offers plans that are a bit more expensive than their competitors, you can expect that they can live up to the advertised speeds of their plans. This can be attributed to the fact that Telstra is one of the providers that offer congestion-free plans, which prove to be beneficial for those who still have to work during peak hours.

The Bottomline

The home broadband plans listed above are some of the top plans you might want to consider if you are working from home. In the end, it still boils down to your specific needs and preferences, depending on what you need to accomplish in your work frequently. Rest assured that the best broadband plans are not only reliable, but they keep up to their promised advertised speed.

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