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Housekeeping Tips: How to Keep Your Self-Storage Unit Squeaky Clean

23rd December 2021

When it comes to self-storage, it is good to have that space away from home to house items that are surplus at present. However, we should not neglect the cleaning of this area if we want to keep our items nice for when we return them to our home.

With that in mind, we will consider just how those who use, for example, the storage facilities near Memphis, handle their cleaning to keep their storage units squeaky clean.

We will look at the effective way to clean storage units, think about cleaning methods, and about our decisions regarding the items we end up cleaning in one location or another.

Best Way to Clean Storage Units Clean

The most effective way of cleaning a storage unit will be periodically to take your items out and away from the unit so that you can give the space a proper clean. A tip for doing this will include taking an inventory of the items so that they all end up back at the storage unit and do not begin cluttering up your home all over again.

You could enlist the help of friends to help transport items out of the way and then back. It only needs to take half a day to a day, depending on the size of your storage unit.

Focus to remain on target for completing the job of cleaning your storage unit. Also, clean the items before they go back if they have gathered dust. The good thing about a storage unit is that they should not have gathered too much dust locked away, although there always seems to end up being some.

Cleaning Methods

Think about cleaning products that make cleaning easier. In fact, if you do a little digging, you can buy cleaning products online to help with the task. These will make lighter work of the effort required. At the same time, you cannot beat an old-fashioned mop and bucket. Sometimes dusting is not enough when dirt has become ingrained in items. Water can be the solution but then water can be damaging. You might want to consider other solutions or products that are kinder to items.

As a cleaning solution, methylated spirits will disinfect as well as sterilize. Furniture restorers will use methylated spirits for cleaning, removing wax, and stripping furniture. It is considered an effective cleaner when it comes to dealing with painted and wood finished equipment.

White spirit and methylated spirit do the same job. The difference between them is that methylated spirit will evaporate a bit quicker. If you are storing it, you will get more for your money with white spirit.

You should not look to store chemicals in your self-storage unit and keep these safely at home. Just bring them to assist with periodic cleaning at your self-storage unit.

Reconsider Your Storage Items

When you spring clean your self-storage unit, or whatever time of year it is when you decide to clean it, there is an opportunity to change your mind over what items you are storing. This will reduce the number of items that you have to deal with keeping clean in self-storage. Some items will require more maintenance than others even while in storage.

Think about the items that will store well and which ones require regular attention and maintenance whether used or not. Take vehicles like instance. Storage companies like EZstorit (www.ezstorit.com) and others like it provide different kinds of units for vehicle storage – open, partially covered, fully covered, etc. Depending on which one you choose, the vehicle would require different amounts of care. However, other items that need more attention regardless are perhaps best kept at home for you to keep a closer eye on.

Keeping our self-storage unit clean is something that we should consider regularly, just as we keep our items at home clean and check they are still working. It is a useful exercise to completely clear out your storage unit from time to time to give it a proper clean. This is a tip to making the whole cleaning process easier. Then another tip is to choose chemicals or cleaning methods to make the task of cleaning easier, just as you do at home.

Finally, consider the items that you are putting into storage. Are they the right items? We can make cleaning easier and maintenance more effective by selecting our storage items carefully in the first place and then regularly reviewing our decision. Cleaning is that time to assess the objects that we have and to get these items looking their best.

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