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Best UK Online Brokers 2021

23rd October 2021

With online trading blooming and more and more brokers becoming players in the trading world, there is no doubt that choosing a brokerage company has become slightly harder today/ how do you make sure you choose a broker that will provide you with the tools you will need to make successful investments in the long term?

While there are many aspects to consider, including security, commissions and fees, platform, research tools, and even customer service, we have listed the best UK online brokers in 2021.

Fineco Bank

Fineco Bank made this list thanks to excellent pricing and lower commissions and fees compared to its competition. And, while we often mention this should not be the only parameter in consideration when choosing a broker, in this case, it’s combined with a strong background, reliable reputation, and safe platform.

Fineco offers a variety of assets to invest in, and while they fall a bit behind in the choice of educational tools, they make up with efficient tools and a clear and straightforward system.


IG has ranked very well among UK brokers thanks to their fair prices, healthy reputation, and a wide variety of assets to deal with. While one of the favourite options as a broker in the UK, what makes it truly different, and the to-go option for certain traders, is that they offer SIPP and ISA accounts, apart from the more common shares account.

It’s worth mention IG’s platform, which has been renamed as easy to use and rather intuitive, making it possible to trade comfortably even if investors are not very tech-savvy.

Interactive Brokers

Another common name when listing best brokers is Interactive Brokers. They have a lengthy reputation as safe brokers, with a variety of research and educational tools which makes them stand out among the other brokers on this list.

One of the things Interactive Broker’s mention more often is the high-quality of the trading platform, which presents a lot of information in an accessible way,

Interactive Brokers offers a very safe and balanced option for all kinds of traders, with loads of assets to trade in, a reliable platform, no minimum deposit, and fees and commissions on the low side.

Saxo Markets

This broker, a branch of the very well-known Saxo Bank, is one of the most reputable brokers in the UK. They rank first when it comes to the variety of assets to invest in and the quality of their platform and the tools they offer, however it should be mentioned that Saxo Markets is on the higher side when it comes to commissions and fees, making it more of a VIP service.

Higher prices come with excellent quality in most services and features, and some traders may be interested in that.

Interactive Investors

Another broker with an excellent reputation in the UK. While their platform may lack in some areas, they make up for it with an excellent offering of investments that will attract those traders looking for more exotic or specific trades.


Choosing an online broker is probably the most important decision any trader has to make. It guarantees a higher chance of success and wiser deals. While choosing a broker may sound like a daunting task, making sure your priorities as a trader are clear will help decide which broker is better suited to you and your trading style, as well as your level of expertise.

This list hopes to guide you towards the best online brokers in the UK, all tightly regulated to ensure your information and money are safe. While there are many others and they may suit you as a trader better, these shine for very different reasons.

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