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Why You Should Fight a CDL Violation

16th August 2021

The law puts very high standards on commercial drivers. Any driver who has a CDL knows why they should protect it and what can happen to their jobs if they lose it. CDL drivers have a different set of laws when compared to other drivers

Commercial drivers get stiffer penalties and pay more fees and more points on their record when they commit a traffic offense. One of the worst things that a CDL driver can do is to simply pay a traffic citation because it means that they admit they are guilty. 

If found guilty of a traffic violation, a driver can face several severe penalties. If you have a speeding ticket or any other citation, it is vital to get in touch with an attorney who knows how to fight such CDL violations. A CDL ticket dismissal should be every driver’s goal because a conviction can have damaging effects on their jobs. Here is why you should always fight to maintain a good record.

High Fines

CDL drivers are prone to violations and tickets like any other driver. What matters is how they handle the citation or violation because a little mistake can cost them. If a driver is guilty, they will have to pay a monetary fine. Depending on the type of violation and the state, this can be as high as $700.

To avoid this, CDL drivers should get in touch with an attorney before paying the fine. At times, the ticket might take longer to be dismissed. When this happens, your attorney can negotiate to have the amount reduced or use any other applicable plea agreement.

Increased Insurance Rates

Drivers know that a traffic ticket conviction can raise their insurance rates. CDL drivers also risk being dropped by their insurer if they have a conviction. Trucking insurance companies always check a driver’s record before they can insure them or renew their policy. Some companies routinely check a driver’s record, even if their coverage is not up for renewal. 

If there is a conviction on your record, you will pay higher premium amounts or lose your coverage. 

License Suspension or Disqualification

In some states, it only takes two convictions for a violation to be declared severe. In some cases, a driver risks losing their license after a single violation. The department of public safety can suspend a driver’s license if they get four convictions within 12 months.

If your license is suspended or disqualified, you cannot drive. This is why you should avoid a conviction.

Loss of Employment

A CDL driver can lose their job when they just have one traffic violation. This is because trucking accidents are very catastrophic, and trucking companies pay additional premium amounts if their drivers are convicted of a traffic violation because they are considered risky. Should they have an accident, the insurance may have to pay a lot of money as compensation.

Though each trucking company has its policies, many companies will not want to work with drivers that cost them more money. When a driver’s license is suspended or disqualified, they will not be of any use to their employer. This can mean immediate termination.

Get a Lawyer to Fight Your CDL Violation

If you have a ticket or any traffic violation, do not risk being convicted because it can cost you your job. If the case is more complex and involves an element of a criminal charge being brought against you, the consequences could be even dire. Get in touch with the best defense attorney in your area to get some counsel, figure out a way forward, or fight for dismissal for your violation.

If that seems impossible, then you could also talk to a lawyer that specializes in traffic tickets, and see if they can get a dismissal through a plea negotiation to try to keep the charges off your record to avoid losing your job or paying hefty fines.

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