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5 Ways IoT Can Help Solve Crime

16th August 2021

If you are here, you are probably a tech enthusiast, right? Or at least you have an interest in knowing the benefits of technology in aspects like security. Well, if that is the case, you look no further. This article covers the Internet of Things and its relation to crime reduction. If you are wondering exactly how it can do that, keep reading to find out more.

With the advancement in technology, law enforcement relies more heavily on software-enabled devices to assist in things that may elude the typical human. Lawyers, like Lopez and Humphries, attribute some of their successes to cutting edge technologies in the form of the Internet of Things. The list below highlights some of the ways these devices aid law enforcement.

How IoT Helps in Law Enforcement

1. Placing Criminals at the Scene

Devices such as surveillance cameras were put in place simply to ward off trespassers which, in the long run, enhances security. They quickly became a huge hit, with people all over the U.S equipping their homes with several of them.

Fast forward to years later, several breakthroughs in solving crimes attributed their success to security cameras that clearly showed the perpetrator’s face. Including eye-witness sketches that made it easy to narrow down the suspects to identify the actual perpetrator.

2. Proving Inconsistencies

Sometimes, potential suspects, while being interviewed, give inconsistent statements. Without technological aid, it can be challenging to prove whether they are telling the truth. Thanks to IoT devices, it becomes easier to prove facets such as when the crime occurred and who was present while the crime was taking place. This is due to their time-stamping and geo-location capabilities. A good example is a smartwatch, and their importance cannot be overstated.

3. Recording the Crime Scene

Yet again, surveillance cameras come in handy in assisting law enforcement. Additionally, they have substantial shelf lives, which really comes in handy, especially when investigations are done promptly. Their ability to record in real-time really helps capture crime activity as it takes place. This technology has especially improved with the availability of SIM cards as it enables more data to be stored, whilst also allowing footage to be recorded and transmitted whilst moving at high speed, such as during a car chase. A local or an online IoT Sim Provider can be contacted to provide the necessary SIM cards for these types of cameras. With improvements like this, both crime prevention and investigation can take a new face.

4. Locking a Vehicle Remotely

These days vehicles come equipped with anti-theft software that enables vehicle owners to remotely lock their cars whenever they suspect foul play. This comes in the form of chips. Which are embedded into the vehicles that are accessed via the use of specialized applications.

The idea of driving a car on a highway and getting it locked can send chills up the spines of even the hardcore criminals. Because at the end of the day, life is very precious, and the thought of having it end on by virtue of petty theft is not really worth it, now is it? This has dramatically reduced the rate of car thefts.

And in the event of criminals who don’t care or have no regard towards advanced technology, it makes it easier to nail them in the act.

5. Reducing Time Taken to Do Ordinary Tasks

With the advancement in technology, simple tasks such as opening your gate from the comfort of your vehicle goes a long way in enhancing your security. Gone are the days when thugs would catch you off-guard when waiting for your gate to be opened for you. While this is not entirely in line with solving crime, it helps in crime prevention. And, as we know, prevention is better than cure.

Embrace Technology, It Might Save Your Life

With all that we have covered in this article, it still is the tip of the iceberg regarding the numerous ways technology can assist in solving crime. If you have the capacity, equip yourself with such devices and reduce your chances of becoming a statistic.

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