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How a catering software from Australia is shaking the US market

13th August 2021

The food software market is competitive. Technology solutions ranging from point of sales (POS) to marketing tools have scaled up in the last 5 years to better attend the needs of restaurants and catering businesses. A hospitality business operator has a vast array of options to choose form and build a solution for their business.  

The catering software didn’t follow this growth trend and the industry stagnated. The catering software available in the market became old. They were not cloud base, running on outdated technology and the features no longer met the requirements of the modern restaurant and catering businesses. But, a company from Australia has started the change. 

Flex Catering software is changing the game for caterers and restaurants in the US and around the world, bringing state of art technology and features. 

Apart from the traditional features such as recipe building, billing, event management and customer management, Flex goes a step further and presents an unmatched online ordering website, comparable to Shopify but purposely built or the food industry. This integration between a perfect food online ordering website with a catering management system is making Flex the indisputable choice for US businesses. 

Here is an overview of some of the benefits it brings to your business.

Cloud Based

Putting your software on the cloud has multiple benefits. Not only can you save everything you need in one place. Flex Catering can be accessed anywhere, anytime and provide real time data about your orders, kitchen production and more. 


You get access to a dashboard, which gives you an overview of your business performance through nice looking charts and easy access to the main parts of the software. In addition, Flex workflows has been meticulous thought through for catering businesses, each step of the way, making the entire ordering process super easy. 


You can manage the payment methods and all its options. You can take partial payment, send the invoice so your client can pay online, add tip to the order and charge credit card surcharge. Flex integrates with all major credit card payment gateways such as Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, eWay, Paypal, Adyen and more.


Flex Catering also integrates with third party delivery services such as DoorDash Drive and Stuart for on demand deliveries. And it also has its own delivery management in case you have your own vans. 

Reports and Production

You can create lists, reports for sales, kitchen, dispatch and finance. The most impressive part is the kitchen reports. They present the information the way the chef will want to see. And there several different options of kitchen reports for the most demanding chefs out there. 


Imagine Shopify + food features. That’s the Flex online ordering website. You have dietary tagging, cut off times, minimum order quantity, closure periods, delivery or pick up date selection on checkout and many more options.

You can access dedicated menus for certain dietary needs and price tiering based on your clients agreement. You can add a minimum order limit and manage your delivery times.  

Event Managing 

The event managing module makes catering an event a whole other experience for the user and customers alike. Customers can book rooms and events online. You can make proposals, hire equipment, generate run sheets and get access to an integrated calendar for managing and timing your events. 


The site is multilingual, multi-currency, multi tax and rearranges to follow your time zone.To learn more, you can book a demo on the Flex Catering website.

Infographic Created by Dogtown Media, Tenured Fintech App Developer Team

Infographic created by Dogtown Media – mhealth app developer

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