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4 ways to live an effortless luxury lifestyle

6th August 2021

Who doesn’t want to live a luxurious life, effortlessly? No hassle, just enjoying the benefits that come with glamour. Yet a style that breathes overcompensation and faux superlatively is likely to lose credibility sooner rather than later. The number one advice? To look and live luxurious, don’t overdo it. There’s fascination in distance and mystery. How to achieve this effortless status? Keep reading.

  1. Dress minimally

Dressing minimally doesn’t entail less clothing, but dressing more consciously. This means buying clothing that sustains both a casual day as well as evening wear. By layering, choosing quality over quantity and knowing what colours match, your wardrobe will get an update without really trying.

Moreover, dressing minimally also includes choosing colour palettes that match but aren’t too out there. Blues and greys, beige and whites – that sort of combinations. You’ll look extremely put together yet effortless; what more do you want?

  1. Accessorize

Even though dressing minimalistic and simplistic requires little extras, some accessories can actually elevate your luxury look. Think of a statement watch, a sophisticated bracelet or sunglasses. These luxury items draw attention and emphasize the effortless chic look you want to communicate. Moreover, accessories like these enhance your wardrobe by adding a little edge, sophistication or flair.

A bag too can boost your luxury look. Choose (faux) leather or suede for the material in a cognac, black or grey colour. This way, your bag will be suitable to carry with any outfit you choose. Moreover, a bag is not just stylish, it’s also a great way to carry anything you want without getting creases in your trousers because of any stuff in your pockets.

  1. Wear your suit, but casually

An effortless luxury look is built on knowing what to leave out of your outfit choice. When wearing a suit, adding a tie equals expensive luxury; leaving the tie out, however, equals effortlessness. Leave the top one or two buttons of your shirt open, pick a pair of decent shoes to match your belt and suit and strut your outfit with an air of effortless je ne sais quoi.

  1. Pursue luxury experiences

Aside from your look, effortless luxury is also found in experiences. When you think of luxury and jet set, you think of yachts, casinos, champagne and white parties on bounty islands. Whether you can afford this all at once or not, actively living the experience makes all the difference when aiming for effortless luxury.

Further, you can live a life of luxury by adding lavish elements to your house. You could achieve that by remodeling your home for minimalist and modern interiors, using neutral colors, investing in home accessories and smart gadgets, etc. You can also consider adding a swimming pool to your house backyard, which could be the ultimate luxurious experience that you get to enjoy at home. If you already have an old pool, consider hiring a swimming pool remodeling company that can provide assistance to add features such as a custom deck, artistic masonry, creative landscape, innovative lighting, and a few more.

Besides having a swimming pool constructed, you could think of landscaping your backyard to make it look like a meadow, or add a beautiful garden to sit and relax in. It could be great for the times that you have guests over or host a barbeque party. And should your backyard be able to accommodate the space after the landscaping project, you could find some Oregon swim spas for sale (if that’s where you live) and have one installed in a clearing. It could be great for you to relax and unwind. With all these upgrades, you can have an effortlessly luxurious and elegant lifestyle.

Even on a budget, you can create experiences that fit the lifestyle you seek. You just need to know what season is best (or most affordable) to travel, what activities to choose and which places to visit while you’re there. If you do your research, you might be able to find a lower private jet charter cost, allowing you to have the luxurious experience of taking a private plane to a destination of your choice. More importantly, however, don’t forget to capture the moment on Instagram or any other platform!

Start living your luxury life today

Chasing a luxury lifestyle doesn’t have to be consuming at all; with an effortless approach to lavish living, everything you wish for is within reach. Make sure to make conscious choices yet enjoy them to the fullest.

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