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Why Every Man Should Experience a Close Shave

30th June 2021

Online, everybody has an opinion. Which makes sense, because we’re all in this together and we’re constantly challenged by friends, families and coworkers to prove our bona fides to the group. One argument is often made that men are just like women, who in the past were subjected to dangerous, uncomfortable and painful shaving methods like waxing. This illustrates a common misconception in our society that some generalization about men makes us hold ourselves back from experiencing new experiences. This isn’t necessarily true of course, but as men, we get a pass. But when men do it, you can bet that the same mythologies that apply to women apply to us too.

That’s not entirely true of course, because more than enough women shave their legs for personal hygiene. They tend to look for the Best Body Shaver available in the market that can shave off body hairs from the desired parts legs and intimate areas effectively without any cuts. Women often see this as a personal choice that they shouldn’t have to hide from friends and strangers, but of course, we’re all different, right? And not only are there varying degrees of sensitivity in men’s skin, as you might have read in this article about waxing, but there are also varying degrees of hair removal. There are people out there who can wax as often as every few days, but others who find it completely unnecessary. There are people out there who use wax to keep hair out of the way in hard-to-reach areas of their bodies such as their feet or under their arms, and there are others who remove their body hair with the help of Laser Hair Removal Services so that they don’t have to worry about shaving again. The truth is that everyone has their own opinion on what they should be doing with their body hair, and those opinions are based on personal experiences. A close shave doesn’t change that, except that women know it doesn’t matter.

It’s an interesting concept though, to define personal experience. What is personal experience? It can be anything from something that happened to you personally, like a horrible assault or a pleasant encounter with a particular person. In other words, you must experience this method of hair removal to know what it feels like. If you find yourself uncomfortable with it, you can choose a different route next time, perhaps by going for laser hair removal in Bourbonnais, IL, or elsewhere instead. That will give you a more permanent solution and save you the effort of having to shave again and again. But it is important to live the experience once at least.

For some men, having a close shave can feel like an intimate act, a way of locking in some personal experience, of claiming a personal touch in a social world that doesn’t leave space for such things. For some women, it’s another reason to feel good about themselves, to feel capable and confident in their bodies. Some women see a close shave as a personal choice, another way to preserve their dignity and maintain their self esteem. And it’s a personal choice that even men can make.

But it’s important for every man to understand the risks that come along with a close shave. What happens if the razor slides into your eye or there’s a slight malfunction? It is after all not like taking advantage of the best casino bonus of the week, where you stand to benefit without too much of a risk. What if you feel a slight sting? What if it makes you sweat like crazy? What if you get an infection after? It’s worth considering all of those things, because even though you don’t have to share these thoughts with your wife, you shouldn’t have to share them with strangers.

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