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2021 Ultimate Guide On Buying Led Strip Lights

21st June 2021

The craze of LED strip lighting is going up and up now a day. People use to decorate their houses, their work area and even their cars and vehicles with the LED strip lights.

Here is the complete guide on buying LED strip lights.

Why Do You Want The Led Strip Lights?

Before buying, you should be clear in your mind, for what purpose you want the LED strip lighting in your house or work area. Either you want it for decorating purpose or for a fun in a party. Either you want it to install in your room ceiling or in the kitchen over the shelves under the corner of cabinets.

What Brightness You Want In Led Strip Lights?

The LED strip light comes with different level of brightness. The low, the medium, the high. Consider the area of installation before buying. If you want to enlighten up the whole area then go for the high brightness strip lights. So as with medium and low strip light.

The more LED chips in strips the more brighter the light will be.

Types Of Led Strips

LED strip lights come in variety of types. It depend on which type you want, you may need one type to the other. For example, IP65 LED flex strips are better suited for outdoor and wet areas as they have a protective covering that make them waterproof.

Following are some basic types of LED strip lights.


Led Strip Lighting Length:

OK! The length of the strip light really matters. That’s why you should know the area where you want to install the light. Measure the length of the area before buying so you won’t end up having a shortness of LED strip lights.

Led Strip Colors:

LED strip lights come in a variety of colors. Either it’s towards neon or towards the softer one. Neon color strip lights are mostly used in parties and bars, but some people use them in houses as well, which gives a pleasing effect. The softer colors are primarily used in the house in interiors or exteriors. It is also worth noting that some LED Light Strips come in various lengths and brightness levels. The brightness can be controlled with a dimmer switch, making it easy to adjust the lighting and color temperature to the desired level.

The color temperature also varies in neon LED strip lights. The cooler the temperature is the brighter the light will be. The warmer the temperature is the softer the light will be. If you want to get neon lights for your home, you can explore websites such as www.neonfilter.com to place an order online and get customized lights delivered to your doorstep.

The Installation Process Of Led Strip Lights:

If you are going to buy the LED strip light, you should always have an idea of how to mount them in the area. Some of the LED strip light types come with easy installation like you just need to paste it in the area. But some lights have a difficult installation process like cutting and then installing. In the latter case, you could bring in an electrician brighton or in your area to do the installation for you. They would probably be able to affix the lights better than you could by yourself. This way the lights would stay up longer and won’t peel off easily.

In any case, before buying always consider the following things:

  • Know the total length of LED strips needed
  • Know how many separate strips you need
  • Know your strips power requirements
  • Flexibility of the LED strip lights
  • Decide how you will dim, control, or program the strips you set up

Buying LED strip lights does not have to be a difficult process as long as you know what to look for

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