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Buying Guide: How to Get the Best Deals on Beverage Trucks for Sale

11th June 2021

You might be planning to buy a new beverage truck to start this business or perhaps add more to your fleet.  While there are so many options in the market, not all can actually give you the best value for your money.  Some trucks may look or sound promising at first, with great features at a very cheap price, but later on makes you spend so much money for maintenance and repairs

You have to take note that vehicle maintenance means downtime for your business but at the same time, you cannot deny that vehicle maintenance is necessary–it is one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring that your vehicles are in a good shape. Know that it could be prudent for you to preserve the health of your beverage trucks by taking them to firms that offer truck repair for businesses. However, some trucks could be so despicable that they might not function properly even after the maintenance works. And the amount of time spent on them may cost you way more than buying that brand new truck. So, be careful with your choices. As a business owner, it is imperative for you to find the best deals in the market to make sure your business runs as smoothly as possible.  Of course, getting the best deal does not necessarily mean buying second-hand.  You could still get some great deals from brand new ones.  

But before buying a truck, you have to consider first the one that you need, depending on the kind of beverage truck business operation you want or is currently running.

Beverage Delivery 

Are you into beverage distribution? How big is your scope?  Do you deliver within your city, state, or cross-state?  The size and functions of the truck will vary depending on your demographics.  If you deliver within the city, small trucks or delivery vans can do the trick.  But if you are covering a bigger area, you might need to get the bigger, more sophisticated ones to carry your stocks efficiently.  A brand-new truck would be much more advisable for this kind of business for minimal maintenance issues, plus you get after-sales servicing from your truck dealers.

Mobile Beverage Truck Bar and Catering

If you operate like a food truck, then you would need a food trailer type of truck, where a mini bar, refrigeration, preparation table, and everything you need for the business is in place.  You may be able to purchase a used beverage truck for sale that’s still good and a great bargain.

In order to get a good deal out of your truck, make sure you know what you are looking for, and start scouting for dealers who have them.  While most sales agents can talk you out into buying even the worst trucks, keeping yourself informed is always the key.  Here are some useful tips that might come in handy.

  1. Do not buy from the first dealer immediately.  Take your time and go around town to check for the best options.  Then pick-out the best one after.
  2. Try to ask about customer reviews from the dealer you like.  It gives you peace of mind knowing that your dealer is honest and professional in their dealings especially in this kind of investment.
  3. Consider getting reputable brands and those that have parts that are readily available in the market.  It would save you a lot of money and headache if your truck can be maintained easily, even if it’s already second-hand.
  4. Do not fall for cheap bargains.  There might be some underlying reasons why the truck needs to be disposed of immediately, hence, the big bargain.
  5. And of course, there might be good ones at a bargain.  If you can, bring in a mechanic or an expert who knows a great deal about trucks and have it checked before cashing in.
  6. DIY.  For mobile beverage trucks, you might also consider assembling your truck by yourself, with the help of course of some professionals.  So you can pick out the best bargains in the market and put them together exactly the way you want it.

There really isn’t a secret formula in finding the best deals in the market.  It takes a lot of careful study and research, especially since this is a major investment.  Always consider buying from reputable truck dealers as they can assist you in picking-out the right one for you and save you time, effort, and money as well.

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