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What Are the Best Business Software Solutions for 2021?

26th May 2021

One thing you can never stop thinking about as a startup is how you will be able to scale up as you grow. And that can only happen if your software is perfectly tuned for scaling up.

Business Process Management Software

Punctuality in task management is crucial if you want your small business to hit the ground running from its early stages. That’s why you need a small business process management software like SaaS BPM. Easy to navigate and with a simple intuitive dashboard, this BPM tool helps you centralize and monitor all projects and staff involved, deadlines, reports, and discrepancies.

Such a software is great as it brings transparency to the remote teamwork and provides the opportunity for HR managers, executives, consultants, and staff alike to overlook all the projects and workflows that their teams are working on. This could be similar to enterprise resource planning software that usually assists businesses to manage their day-to-day activities, project management, and accounting. Such solutions seem popular in various sectors like construction, education, and manufacturing. If interested, you can Explore the latest manufacturing ERP trends of 2022. By using such software, each team can discuss the particular task they are involved in for maximum efficiency and productivity so you don’t need to waste time with endless spreadsheets and inefficient group chats.

Software for Recruiting

And that’s where recruiting software platforms come in. They offer a continuous platform that helps you scale across the world from where you are. They also let you manage your app and ensure that there are no performance problems at the start.

It’s also crucial to manage your clients from the beginning. You need to send them messages to remind them to start the app, check their current account balance and keep them updated about account payouts.

Now it’s time to dive into the details of the platform and see what it offers. Let’s start with what you can actually manage with your software.

Schedule Reminders in Messenger

One of the best ideas I heard about was a Messenger app for businesses. It offers you a completely transparent messaging system. You can talk with your clients. And because this is a private platform you don’t need to pay for advertising.

This means that you won’t have any need to manage the conversation flow, just to create a simple workflow that fits your business model.

All you need to do is to send messages to your clients and they’ll get the message through Messenger. They can check their current balance, set up recurring payments, check the first payment history, or try the app out.

Because you can set up notifications in Facebook, there’s no need for a dedicated app. And with some good business messaging software you can easily coordinate tasks with clients. This means they can set a reminder in Messenger and it’ll send an email to all your clients.

They can also schedule tasks directly within the app. You’ll just need to set up a task with a few lines of code.

Flipchart Scheduler for Teams

Another idea that caught my attention was Flipchart. You can set up a special calendar for your teams and schedule everything from checking emails to creating reports.

By using a virtual whiteboard you can also work with data and combine it with other ideas and tasks in a flexible way. By going back to your flipchart you can use it to keep track of your notes and check the upcoming tasks and events.

When they are created, all the calendars are synchronized to Facebook and you can use those calendars to communicate with clients. They are easy to access and help you schedule your projects quickly.

Centralized Payment Processing

When you’re running a business you need to send all your payments. Small businesses use point-of-sale systems provided by posabit and other similar companies to maximize efficiency. But when it comes to startups, it’s a different challenge. As you might imagine it’s hard to set up a payment processor in a way that helps you manage the payments easily.

But that’s exactly what companies such as Platpay do. You can send all your payments through it and it’s integrated with all the other apps. So you don’t have to create an app just for payment processing. All the apps that are integrated will send all the payments through Platpay and it will take care of them.

This allows you to save a lot of time on payments and it’s the same for all of your clients.

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