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The Easiest DIY Upgrades for Your Home

26th May 2021

It takes some careful planning to arrange the best upgrades in your home, but with some careful planning, those upgrades can all come at zero cost to you. Here are some awesome projects that can be completed with little time and minimal effort.

Curb Accessing Windows

Easily fixed with almost no effort: installing mini-clamp shutters. Two inches can be cut off the top of an old window to open it. Pull out the top frame, remove the wood trim and install the mini-clamps. Installing either a mini-slider or mini-slide will cost $75–$150 depending on the size of your window. By removing the glass on the frame, you can hang a closet or clothes rod to make more room inside the home.

De-Graining a Brick Wall

In this case, installing a wood or fiberglass lattice over your brick wall will not only make your home look great, but it can also solve a few issues:

Decrease the thickness of the wall so it feels softer under foot.

With a healthy brick foundation, your foundation will become stronger.

Lower your home’s exterior appearance from uneven bricks or a painted appearance.

Create a more sophisticated brick facade by installing brick veneer on top of your existing brick wall.

Improve Windows with Glass Shades

This one isn’t for new homeowners but a good upgrade for homeowners who have had their windows for a while: add glass shades or shade liners. By adding a shade to the upper sashes, you can get the maximum benefit out of your windows. Glass shades are a pretty neat way to make a room look better and modern. You can easily install glass shades yourself by purchasing a tile insulator, blocking the window, and screwing in a thermostat to control your shade. This isn’t the easiest project, but it can be accomplished in a weekend.

Upgrading Windows: Roof Seals

For an easy way to up your home’s exterior appearance, install roof seal kits to your existing metal roof. Roof seal kits are easy to install and are a great way to add more color to your roof. By installing roof seal kits, you can upgrade your roof’s exterior appearance while also adding some value to your home.

Upgrading Windows: Rugs

If you want to add a little more design detail to your home, you can do a great trick to decorate your home with a little bit of work. Throw a few rugs down on the floor, then cover them with cushions. In the winter, you can keep warm by adding a blanket to the cushions. In the summer, you can still keep cool by adding a fan or air conditioning unit to the cushions. By covering the rugs, you can create an awesome flooring scheme that adds texture, color, and style to your home.

Upgrading Windows: Glass Seals

Here’s a fantastic way to upgrade your home’s exterior for very little effort. By installing a slate roof, you can change your home’s roof design to a more elaborate look. This is a fantastic way to add a very cool look to your home without breaking the bank.

DIY Kitchen Cabinets

Upgraded windows mean more attention is drawn into the interior space from the outside, which in turn should prompt you to want to freshen up the interior kitchen space with assemble yourself cabinets. The fact that you can assemble them yourself keeps in line with the theme of saving money or minimizing any expenditure on your upgrades.

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