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The Growing Use of Technology in Manufacturing

30th March 2021

Technology has emerged in just about every aspect of our lives. Its impact in the industry of manufacturing is no exception. The amount of data out there allows manufacturers to be more proactive when it comes to management and, if used correctly, can make the lives of manufacturers that much easier.

One example is artificial intelligence, or AI. AI is becoming more and more commonplace in manufacturing because of its ability to predict. This gives managers the ability to perform predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance, with the help of AI, takes measurements from machine operations as they are occurring and uses this data to raise red flags when indications of a problem are noted. Unplanned downtime and reactive maintenance are productivity destroyers for your facility, yet almost all maintenance is, by necessity, reactive. Predictive maintenance practices, however, can change that situation, making it even easier for you to be proactive and to make more informed decisions about what inventory to keep on hand. Data sensors and monitors can help you understand which equipment is more likely to need maintenance or replacement parts in the nearer future, making ordering decisions less of a guessing game and more of a data-backed methodology.

A good technology integration plan can increase the productivity of your facility, reduce unplanned downtime and, most importantly, make a positive impact on your bottom line. For more tips to develop or update your technology integration plan and other examples of technology’s role in manufacturing, check out the infographic below!


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