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Ways to Maintain Electrical Safety Within Your Home

13th January 2021

Electricity, as one of the main power sources in your home, is something that needs to be safe. The best way of maintaining electrical safety is to enlist the help of qualified electricians to check everything out and to look at anything promptly if an electrical problem is suspected. Clues to electric faults may include strange or unfamiliar odours, flickering lights, strange buzzing sounds, sparking, or ceiling fixtures becoming hot. It is important to have these checked straight away by a professional. There are companies who can, for instance, deal with Breaker Panel Installation should it be necessary for that to be replaced. Or indeed, if you are building a new house, to install one correctly in the first place.

We shall consider in this article some of the ways that you can maintain electrical safety within your home by looking at three areas that should not be ignored.

Main Panel

It is important that you have your electrical panel functioning correctly as it leads to all the electrical power within your home and acts as a breaker. It is a safety device in that respect. Many electrical fires tend to result from this area. Old panels should be replaced to protect your family from harm. Faulty panels need to be attended to promptly. There are websites, such as the one above, where you can obtain a free quotation from within 24 hours. However, if you want to get your electrical panel installed as soon as possible, you can search for a trusted electrician nearby. For example, if you live somewhere in Cheltenham, you can just google ‘Electrician Cheltenham‘ and get many results for electricians nearby that can carry out panel installation and repairs.

Also, if you have owned your house for some time, this important area may never have been renewed. When moving into a different house it is one of the first areas to start with, before redecoration, which can be spread over the coming months.


House rewires should last 20 years, often up to 40 years, but invariably cables will begin to break down at some point in time. Old houses should be checked by electricians to maintain electrical safety. They will check everything from the wiring that they can see to that which is hidden and looped around the various nooks and crannies within a home. The electrician can then indicate to you, and recommend to you, which wiring should be replaced because it has become unsafe to serve its purpose. Therefore, when you are hiring an electrician, you may want to make sure that they are reputable in their field and can carry out the related tasks with the right amount of professionalism. If interested, you can check out this service provider – aardvark-electric.com as an example here.

Rodents and squirrels are known for chewing through electrical cables. Humane sonic devices can be purchased in the short term which deter pests from entering attics and other places that attract them, such as where there is food stored. However, long term they do not tend to work on rats, who will persist. To prevent rats, it is a good idea to look for holes that will stop them from entering from outside. For another tip, the odours from peppermint oil, citronella oil, and castor oil, have been known to drive rats away due to their highly developed sense of smell and dislike for these fragrances. So, cotton balls could be used that are soaked in these oils. If you can keep pests and other animals out, then you have a greater chance of your wiring lasting longer. It is a good idea to regularly check that none of the cables or leads inside your home or garage have become frayed or damaged.


To check whether an electrical socket is safe, you can look for damage or scorch marks. Any marks resembling scorch marks around a socket are indicative of a problem existing in the wring that is directly behind the wall socket. If you identify any, you should as soon as possible contact a registered electrician, who can investigate your discovery further. It is better to be safe than very sorry afterwards. A check will be peace of mind as much as ensuring your continued safety.

So, there are a few ways in which you can ensure that your home is electrically safe. If in any doubt, a qualified electrician should always be contacted. You can find out the kinds of electrical tests that might be carried out by clicking on the link to the attached article.

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