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Moderation is the Health-Seeker’s Order of the Day

8th December 2020

Popular culture as it plays out in the digital space continues to bring us a torrent of very funny, witty, crazy and sometimes even informative memes, a few of which beg to justify the excessive consumption of alcohol. If you’re active on any social media platform then you’ve surely come across memes such as one citing the health benefits of red wine in moderation, but if you didn’t take it with the requisite pinch of salt, you’d come away with the fallacy that somebody who drinks alcohol is therefore healthier than someone who doesn’t.

The indication is that they live longer. That’s just it though – the mention of the word “moderation” is strategically left out, so too the specific reference to red wine being the healthiest alcoholic beverage if there are any health benefits to be drawn from the consumption of alcohol.

In all honesty though, as much as we can try to plead ignorance and try to coax everybody into pretending to believe the lies around our lifestyle choices we tell ourselves, ultimately you know the truth. If it momentarily makes you feel better to justify succumbing to a not-so-good lifestyle choice in the moment, remember that what is being reinforced are the long term effects of that choice.

Nobody will ever achieve the kind of perfection which we’re largely made to try and chase – perfection that doesn’t even exist, at that; so it’s never going to be a matter of trying to stay on the straight and narrow path until you depart this earth. Nobody’s suggesting you don’t enjoy the occasional glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage and nobody’s suggesting that you should completely do-away with your junk-food Friday’s tradition.

It’s all about moderation. Moderation is the order of the day.

Even if you look at it from the other side of the indulgence fence, too much of a supposed good thing is ultimately bad too. Ask the many people who regret having to subsequently live with a developed egg allergy, having lived off a high-protein diet that was heavily supplemented with eggs…

In addition to exercising moderation, it’s about making better lifestyle choices and not necessarily making those lifestyle choices of a health-and-fitness junkie. You don’t have to quit smoking altogether, although that would be ideal if you can actually manage to do so, for instance. Rather, you can make the transition from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping, in which case exercising moderation would have you asking questions like how long should you wait between vapes?

It doesn’t help replacing a clearly bad lifestyle habit with something better, if that better lifestyle choice has its health benefits negated by excess.

Moderation as the health-seeker’s first and most prominent order of the day ultimately gives your body and mind the chance to maintain a balance in the manner through which your biological processes are handled and maintained. Imbalances are what lead to many ailments, which is why you’re often told that a certain illness is caused by a lack of a certain nutrient, or in fact too much of it or another one.

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