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Why Do I Need to Promote My Business?

17th November 2020

Promoting a business, new or existing, is paramount to its success. It is about becoming visible to not just the traffic along the hight street but that on the internet, too. So, what are the different ways that you can promote a business? This article will explore some different ways for you to consider. Ways that are conventional and ways that are becoming a growing business in themselves. For instance, the idea that giving away Promotional Products can increase a business’s sales.

Newspaper and Magazine Advertisements

One of the main benefits of advertising in a newspaper or magazine is that the readers of the publication are already going to be engaged with it. If they have paid for it, they will want to read every page to obtain value for money. Magazines can be specialist and therefore targeted to the type of person that you want existence of your business to be exposed to. The drawback with a newspaper or magazine might be its limited readership.

Social Media

Social Media can advertise a business to potentially the whole world. There are platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp to integrate with. These become communication networks that allow businesses and customers go engage with each other and do business. They have overtaken targeted emails in some respect, for short messages and as a promotional tool.

Promotional Products

A growing marketing approach is for a company to consider having its own branded products produced. Not to sell but give away to its customers to remind them that they are there to supply them. It is a good way of increasing a company’s visibility in the marketplace. It is seen as an act of generosity when the items are given away. This approach is particularly effective when applied to products that have a function, such as mugs, pens, and keyrings. For instance, the mug your customer drinks their coffee from whilst conversing with another potential customer of yours. The pen a customer signs a contract with, in front of yet another future customer. The keyring that the recipient’s spouse or children see and talk about at school, after your customer has parked their car in the garage at home. It is all about your company name finding itself in places that you had not previously thought it could. In physical places as well as digital ones.

A useful article entitled Branded Giveaways And Other Promotional Products: Do They Still Have An Impact? considers the value that promotional products still have despite it being a digital world. The market is growing for this kind of merchandise. With good reason, because they are resulting in customers finding favour with companies who provide that extra touch with their service. A memorable act is to give something for nothing. Except that its value can often be immeasurable in the extra sales that can be achieved as a result. Research has shown that something like 89 per cent of people will remember the advertiser or company giving away the free product for up to two years afterwards. That is two years when another potential order might be placed. A two-year period in which the person receiving the “free gift” might remember to utter the words of your company to someone else. This knock-on effect is the same as a post finding itself having gone viral on one of the many social media platforms.

So, weighing up the options, Promotional Products are hard to ignore. More than just disposable items, they can stay in circulation for months, even years. Then, even if they do not, the gesture will stay in mind of the recipient for up to two years.


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