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Restorative Painters- 5 Interior House Painting Tips For A Flawless Finish

4th September 2020

Are you looking to do some redecorating? If yes, then this article has got you covered. There are many things that can go wrong when redecorating, but the five tips below should help you to avoid any mishaps. Before getting into the depth, let’s touch upon the factors which can give your wall a flawless finish. You need to prepare the walls, both internally and externally, make use of masking tape, protect your furniture, invest in a roller extension rod, use a paint tray liner, and combine all of your paint before you begin. Let’s explore each tip in detail.


You need to start by preparing your external walls. In all likelihood, your external walls won’t need any work, but if they are damaged, it can lead to rising and penetrative damp, not to mention mould, which will ruin your internal walls if not rectified. Brickwork repointing specialists, like Brickwork Pointing┬áContractors, can repoint problem areas where mortar has crumbled, while siding contractors can replace rotten wood and seal any gaps. If you still have a problem with internal damp, you may need to investigate your foundations and cavity walls – if left, all your internal painting will be ruined within a year.

If everything looks good externally, you can move on to preparing internal surfaces. If you think that you can pick up a brush and start painting right away, you are mistaken. You have to take care of the cracks and holes in the wall through the process of cleaning, filling and sanding. If you’re stripping old wallpaper, that’s a job that could take days in itself. The most reliable painters always ensure flawless painting by preparing the walls perfectly first.

Use masking tape

Have you made use of masking tape for preparing the surface? You need masking tape for protecting several things. Protect your light switches, skirting boards and door frames by making use of masking tape. The best part about masking tapes is easy removal. It can be removed after 24 hours of application. If you want to get rid of the tape from the tricky areas then make use of a utility knife. If you do not know how to prepare the surface accurately then it is advisable to hire a professional, who will use their skills to paint in straight lines and avoid things like light switches and door frames.

Protect your furniture

Next, you need to protect your floors and furniture against splashes. The easiest and simplest way of doing this is by using dust sheets, which will contain any splashes and small spills. If you make any large spills, however, you will need to clean up quickly to avoid the paint seeping through and damaging whatever lies beneath.

Invest in an extension rod

If you have not invested in a roller extension rod then now is the time. If you are not aware, these rods come in various lengths, allowing you to reach hard-to-reach places, like the top of a flight of stairs. This reduces the need to stretch, preventing back pain and keeping you safe when working on a ladder or at height.

Use a paint tray liner

Are you tired of cleaning the mess long after the painting? If yes, then you can reduce the cleanup time by lining the paint tray. Any professional painter makes use of this technique for preventing unwanted paint waste. If you finish the day with a tray still full of paint, you can simply put the rest back in the can.

Use the same color

Many paint manufacturers are great at reproducing the same shade in every can of paint they mix. However, you can sometimes find one can looks a little different from another depending on when it was made and how it’s been stored. This can spell disaster if you start using a new can halfway along the wall. The last thing you want is patchiness as you see where one can ended and a new one began, so combine all your cans in one large container before you begin to ensure the same shade is achieved throughout.

Don’t forget your cabinets

After you’ve prepped the surface and chosen the right color to paint your ceilings and walls, don’t forget to also give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint/refinish. Sometimes, kitchen cabinets are already painted. In this case, you should follow this step-by-step guide on how to clean kitchen cabinets

Add wall decor

When you have newly painted walls in your house, consider adding a few more elements that can bring out the focus and enhance wall colors. You can use decorative items like wall paintings, cute animal neon signs, metal sculptures, lighting fixtures, and more. These ideas can be further explored online by checking out companies like Neon Mama for lighting and wall sign products. You can also look for blogs and articles on wall decor that can help you emphasize and blend wall colors together for sleek interior design.

Take the assistance of a professional

Many people do not achieve a flawless finish because they do not get the basics right. You need to start by using masking tape around the doorframes and corners. Never make the mistake of starting from the middle of the wall as this will result in awful texture. Rather, start with the edges for optimum smoothness. If you are unsure about getting the basics right, then always take the assistance of a professional!

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