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Different Categories Of Online Slots

3rd July 2020

Slots have come a long way since they were invented in 1895. Back then, slot machines started out with just five symbols and three reels. The choice of games was limited, but the inventor of one of the earliest slots, Charles Augustus Fey did not apply for a patent for his design. This meant that other inventors could design their own versions of the popular Liberty Bell slot machine. This led to far more slot games being available but they were all similar in theme. In 1902 slot machines were banned and so was gambling in general. To survive, slot machines took on a non-gambling guise and symbols were turned from card symbols to fruits. These machines gave out sweets as prizes and were known as fruit machines or vending machines. When gambling returned, sweets were replaced with cash and another category of slots was born. The fruit machine slot is still in existence today and is seen as a retro classic. 

Advances In Technology and The Birth Of More Slots Categories 

In 1963 the first electrical slot called Money Honey appeared on the market and this was followed by an attempt at an early version of a video slot that appeared in 1976. The next big tech breakthrough came in 1996 when technology went digital. This and the invention of the internet inspired the creation of the first online casino and the first virtual video slot. These new hi-tech platforms boosted the gambling industry like Storbonus.com and thanks to superior computer graphics and software, slot creators could let their imaginations run riot. It is this era that was the steppingstone in creating the vast different categories of slots that we have now. 

Modern Gaming 

Thanks to technology we now have slots based on numerous themes and the categories continue to grow. Slots can now reflect what is popular in the entertainment industry and encompass it in a slot game. At the moment superheroes are all the rage as they have transferred from the comic book page to the cinema screen successfully. With slots creators wealthier than ever, they can buy the rights to comic book characters and build slot games around the characters from these movies. Film and TV themed slots are a very popular category at present and these slots attract a preexisting fan base. 

The Book Craze 

Slots that are based on magical books are very popular too and this is mostly due to the success of slots like Golden Ark, Book Of Dead and Book Of Ra. Now we also have Book Of Halloween, Book Of Christmas and Book Of The Irish, amongst others. Here if you land three or more books you trigger a bonus round where a symbol is chosen at random to be the expanding symbol on the reels during the free spins. 

Jackpot Slots 

The Jackpot slot is also a very popular category and jackpots come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular are the progressive jackpots that continue to grow until they are won. In 2015 one lucky punter won £13 million from a jackpot slot.

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