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Best Hollywood casino movies

3rd July 2020

The idea of winning a life-changing amount of money from casino games has long captivated story makers across the world since the casino industry began. It’s a powerful theme which has even worked its way into our everyday life, and not without its reason – click to play Cozino.com.

We often hear phrases like “if I won a penny every time I heard that” and “if I won the lottery.” In Hollywood movies, the casino theme goes to extremes, instead of players gambling here and there they risk everything. Here, we let you know the best casino movies (without giving too much away…) 

Casino Royale (2006, IMDB 8.0) 

One of the greatest gambling movies of all time, Casino Royale is a classic for any casino lover to get their eyes glued to. Casino Royale involves MI6 spy James Bond’s journey to Montenegro with a license to kill. In the movie, he attends a high-roller poker game. 

Bond’s job is to get the terrorist banker host to seek asylum in the UK. During Bond’s expedition to the poker game, the 00 status spy is joined by another agent, Vesper Lynd. While the poker game is going on, Bond gets some further help, and overall the pot totals $115,000,000. It’s got all the thrills a casino-lover could want from a movie. 

Ocean’s Eleven (2001, IMDB 7.8) 

The story of this epic movie follows the plot of the casino heist of the century. Danny Ocean, a con artist, is paroled and garners himself a gang of old friends along with new ones to execute an epic heist. The plan involves attacking three casinos in Las Vegas at the same time.

Busier than usual due to a big boxing match, the Bellagio, the Mirage and the MGM Grand are bursting at the casino seams with players. Along with the plan to take $160,000,000, Ocean also wants to win back his ex-wife, all in one go. Featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood, this is one you won’t want to miss. 

Croupier (1998, IMDB 7.2) 

A tale of when worlds collide, a failing novelist named Jack Manfred goes back to where he started and heads to the casino industry to write about gambling. He works at a casino in London as a dealer for a bit, before he gets entangled in a heist mission strategy. 

It’s a gritty tale that doesn’t glorify gambling, instead exploring the potential darker side that could come with it. Not told from the point of view of the player however, but from the Croupier’s side, a story that’s rarely told. As Jack himself says, “Gambling’s not about money… Gambling’s about not facing reality, ignoring the odds.” 

So there you have the best Hollywood casino movies. They’re glamorous, gritty, and most importantly have a story to tell which can challenge us at the best of times, or make us think twice at the worst of times. Either way, these three are on the must-watch list.

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