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What is Handicap Betting?

24th June 2020

In many sports, they are two parties, and their prowess in winning the game might be different. They are described as either underdog or favorite. The favorite has an advantage in the game and in normal circumstances is expected to win. On the other hand, the underdog has a lesser advantage in the game, and their odds of winning are low.

In such a scenario, the BetGold introduces the concept of handicap betting. It aims at equalizing the chances of both parties winning the game. The underdog is given an advantage or starts off points in the game. It also eliminates the chances of a match ending up in a draw.

The presentation of the handicap betting is either in terms of a whole number or fraction. For instance, in football sports, the underdog can either receive an advantage of 2 points or 2.5 points. In most cases, the allocation of decimal or fraction points helps eradicate the chances of a draw as it is impossible for a particular team to score half points.

The handicap betting primarily exists to ensure the betting experience is more enjoyable and enticing. It mainly focuses on one-sided gaming contests such as rugby, tennis, and basketball.

How does handicap betting work?

The underdog who has an advantage in terms of points or goals starts the game with better odds of winning. For instance, in football sports where Real Madrid plays against Manchester United, and the latter is given a handicap goal of 1.5 goals. The starting point of the games will be Real Madrid 0 and Manchester United 1.5.

If by the end of the game, Real Madrid manages to score three goals and Manchester United scores two goals. The final results would mean that Manchester United, an underdog, would have won with 3.5 while Real Madrid has 3.

Advantages of the handicap betting

  • Elimination of draws in a sport: if you are betting, you should either select team A or team B as there is no possibility of the game ending up in a draw.
  • Equalizes the game-in normal circumstances, the favorite is expected to win the game, but the application of handicap betting ensures both teams have equal chances.
  • Makes betting exciting-in the betting process the probability of a team winning should be unpredictable, and handicap betting guarantees that. Many online platforms offer football betting odds taking this into account. It gives you a good reason for retaining involvement with your favorite sport and increases the odds of winning a bet.
  • Depending on the type of handicap betting strategy the bookmaker applies in a particular game, you can still win the bet despite your team losing the game.

Bottom Line

In betting for sports that the equality of the playing teams differs, the handicap helps in ensuring the odds of one side are not so high than the other team. The handicap bets are exciting and give an extraordinary experience that you can not acquire with the ordinary bets.

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