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Planning your move post lockdown – Things to keep in mind

23rd June 2020

As the cases of COVID-19 keeps growing with each passing day, several countries throughout the world are observing a lockdown and are practicing social distancing and self-quarantining. To make people around them safe, families have also Googled things like “rapid testing near me” so they can find clinics that offer quick testing to see if they have been exposed or have exposed anyone to the virus. Due to the closure of several non-essential businesses and public places, there is a common question among the minds of citizens – Should I still move to my new house?

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, people are confused about whether to initiate their move or whether to delay it. Here are few things that you should keep in mind.

Moving during pandemic – Is it necessary?

As defined by the state and local officials, few of the vital reasons to leave your home during a pandemic are seeking medical services, taking care of family members, shopping for groceries and exercising outside. So, before you click on links like https://theyearsareshort.com/choosing-the-most-reputable-moving-company-expert-tips/ for choosing the most reputed moving company, think twice!

Moving being against the practices of ‘social distancing’, experts recommend you not to move during this time, unless local officials vouch for the same. If it is possible, you should try and schedule your move during some other time when the spread of the virus is reduced and when all parties involved in the move would remain safe.

What to do if your move is important?

If you’ve chosen Los Angeles movers for your task, both your and their employees’ health and safety should be your first priority. You should call on your moving company so as to discuss and talk about your viable and safe options. If you think your move is important and your moving company also plans to go by your decision, the procedure should include:

  • Taking a virtual rather than an in-home survey to offer an accurate price estimate
  • Thermal screening all the workers to make sure no one is testing COVID positive
  • Adding lots of sanitization techniques to all the trucks
  • Movers should be wearing masks and gloves for better safety
  • Increased regular cleaning processes for high-touch areas of your home, the equipments, the trucks and the office areas
  • Asking for free storage from the moving company

Make sure you don’t pack your soap inside. You should give the crew members an opportunity to wash their hands often with hot water.

What if your professional moving company cancels the move?

During this pandemic situation, your professional moving company may even cancel the deal. What should you do then? Instead of panicking, here are few steps to take:

  • Move your things yourself in your own vehicles as this is the safest bet
  • Move in with your family members or friends and keep your belongings at some temporary space.
  • You may also move into a furnished and temporary housing and store all your belongings. Make sure the moving company has proper cancellation policies to bank on.

So, if you’ve been ditched by your professional moving company, you don’t have to grab a wine club membership to fight the feelings. Instead, take the steps mentioned above or wait a bit for the situation to improve.

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