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Easy ways to store your shoes

23rd June 2020

Storing your shoes in an orderly fashion can easily get out of hand, even when you implement a practical approach of arrangement. To make matters worse, we often get obsessed with adding new designs into our collections. As such, this can end up as a pain in the neck since they can be messy and clunky at the same time. So, to counter this, here is an article with the easiest ways to store your shoes.

The basic shelf

The basic shelf is the most common way of keeping and storing shoes in most homes. Storage on the basic shelf involves arranging shoes in classic trays mounted on walls. Such shelves can accommodate different types of shoe heights, especially if one is using a freedom rail closet. And depending on the way it’s designed, you can store other items as well. You could easily make these on your own, based on the designs you find on Pinterest and other similar platforms. There is also an option of seeking the help of a carpenter Roanoke if that’s where you’re at.

The freedom rail reveal shoe rack

If you are a lady with heels, then look no more than the freedom rail reveal shoe rack. These are explicitly designed to store women’s heels. The freedom rail is a familiar choice for modern women and can easily store more than eight pairs of heels on one shelf.

Slanted shoe rack

Slanted racks are also a great way to store shoes. Just as the name suggests, slanted shelves have slanted plates that keep shoes slant with toes facing forward. As such, this makes it easy to pick any shoe. You can reach out to any Cabinet maker in Springfield, MA (or wherever you might live) to construct a custom slanted shoe cabinet for you.


Cubbies store shore in singular compartments. Whether it’s at the entry point or the closet, cubbies can be placed anywhere at home. As such, this makes them a suitable choice for any home. As if that is not enough, cubbies can store different types of shoes from heels to sneakers. You can get a cubby readymade or save some money and call in a handyman in Folsom or wherever you live to make one for you. This way you can design the piece to your liking, decide how many compartments it needs, and have the measurements be exact to the space you plan on placing it in.

The Does and Don’ts of shoe storage

Keep your shoes off the floor

Most individuals go wrong when they decide to flop their shoes on the closet floor. However, this is not often a good idea since it makes shoes harder to find. Further, this will only wear out your shoes when you are continually moving them aside and beating them on the wall in search of your favourite flip flops. So, to avoid this, always make sure that you have your shoes off the ground. And if you insist on having them on the ground, ensure you at least have them arranged on a line.

Avoid wire racks at all costs

Once you are past the floor heap option, your next thought would be finding a shoe rack. Shoe racks come in different variants, namely wire racks, and wooden stands. Wire racks are a cheap option to choose. Sadly, this is never a good option since they are not stable; thus, they get pushed back. As a result, this will likely mess your clothes in the closet. Also, wired racks are not a great option, especially if your shoe collection has heels.

A good alternative would be to get a wooden rack that is stable – these are effective since they will store almost anything you throw at them. Additionally, using a wooden frame will not mess or tear your clothes, unlike wire racks.

Sort your shoes in different categories

Shoe storage revolves around having an excellent scheme that sorts shoes into categories. To do this, divide your shoes into frequently worn and rarely worn shoes such as snow boots. Once you’ve identified your recurrent ware, sort them in terms of design, and store them accordingly.

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