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Best wines to choose from during winter – Tips from experts

23rd June 2020

Few more months to go for welcoming winter and this season would mean spending more time indoors with your family members and friends. To others, it may mean gathering hearty and rich foods and wines as a part of the holiday season. The cold weather make the appearances of the evenings extremely cozy and you’ll love sipping into your favorite wine sitting in front of the fireplace. Wine and winter go perfectly hand in hand and hence it is not surprising that the sale of wine pops up during winter.

If you’ve been wondering on the best wine to buy during winter, you may go through this link http://www.begin2search.com/a-guide-to-buying-the-best-wine-during-winter-choosing-the-best-flavors/. To know more on wine and winter, read on this post.

Choosing the right wine for winter

Researchers have followed up for a very long time that as the winter holidays arrive, the sales of wine spikes up and the sale of beer is drastically reduced. During winter, red wine tends to become more popular.

What is the reason behind this sudden popularity? During winter, people eat heartier foods that have strong flavors. This clearly means that you will also require an equally flavored wine that can pair well with your food. This is the time when it is easier to find bold red wine than the whites. Though it is possible to purchase white wine that feels just perfect for winter, here in this post, we’ll recommend you different types of white and red wine.

Red wines that are best chosen for winter

As long as winter is concerned, wine drinkers can never go wrong.

  1. Bordeaux Blends: These blends will include Merlot blends and Cabernet Sauvignon with a little bit of Malbec. When you sip in to the heartier flavors, you get secondary awesome flavors like caramel, coffee that work really well in winter. These wines can be found from Bordeaux but the entire world is currently making its own version. Experts always recommend trying all of them.
  2. Northern Italian Wines: Valpolicella and Nebbiolo are totally different styles but both of them have found their unique place on your dinner table especially during winter. Just as Northern Mat is one of the best in its niches, Langhes, Barolos and Babarescos are the most popular ones among Nebbiolos.
  3. GSM Blends: Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre can all be blended perfectly to create different sets of combos that can turn out to be equally heavy as Languedoc blend. Along with spice from the Syrah, you can use them as the best crowd pleasers when you serve them with sauces and heavy meats.
  4. Shiraz: If you wish to opt for sublime choices during winter, Shiraz is definitely good to go. You get a complex yet rich profile and it is noteworthy due to its dried currant, blackberry and earthy aroma. So, for a winter feast, this is definitely a great choice for you.

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