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Controlling odors in your new home – Tips for a new homeowner

15th April 2020

Did you recently move into a new house and later on detect that there’s a bad smell that is disturbing you? Now that you’re irritated by the smell, are you second-guessing your decision to purchase this house? If yes, don’t panic! Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can get rid of this bad odor. Dear homeowner, if you think you have to invest in scented candles or plug-in air fresheners or cans of Febreze, you’re mistaken.

You have to get rid of the root cause of this problem and find out whether its litter boxes or cats or smoking that is leading to the bad odor. For all types of foul odor, the remedy is different. While there are Odor Control Chemicals that you can use, there are few other steps that you can take to fight bad odor.

Getting rid of kitchen odors
Trash: It is not always that the trash smells bad but often times it is seen that the trash can is itself smelling. You can sprinkle baking soda or utilize a deodorizing pod under the liner of the trash can. Once this is done, spray it with a disinfectant so that bacteria are removed.

Dishwasher: Do you clean your dishwasher often? At least once in a month, make sure you use a cleaning tablet to clean this appliance. Unless you’re one among them who regularly used your dishwasher, rinse the dirty dishes before you place them inside the dishwasher to prevent the food from sticking or smelling.

Microwave: It goes without mentioning that you cook everything in your microwave. Hence, there are million smells that are circulating within that small space. You can boil a single lemon for few minutes inside the microwave and this will leave your microwave odor-free.

As a new homeowner, you might not be familiar with many of these cleaning routines. Worry not, a little trial and error is okay; making mistakes is part of the journey of becoming a seasoned homeowner! Still, to give you some help along the way, you could look at various articles for homeowners (like the one you’re reading right now!) that provide detailed guides to get the tasks done.

Getting rid of bathroom odors
Toilet: Before your toilet begins to look too dirty, make sure you clean them with toilet cleaner. If you’re fighting against a smell that is there for more than a week, use toilet cleaning gel. However, if the problem still persists, the reason could be a clogged toilet. In such a situation, it is best to call a professional from plumbing repair in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, or wherever your new home is, and get it unclogged, instead of spraying bottles of room fresheners or tiring yourself with other alternatives. It is understandable that such situations can be very overwhelming and can even destroy the warmth of the entire home.

Besides, use bathroom tissue rolls as you can get them online just as you get rolling papers for cannabis here https://www.cannabispromotions.com/product/category/custom-rolling-papers/.
Getting rid of bedroom odors
Mattress: Post few years, the mattress on which you sleep might begin to smell musty. How can you eliminate this? You can do so by sprinkling baking soda on the mattress, allowing it to settle down for a while and later on vacuuming it.

Closet: Remember not to close the door of your closet, no matter what you do. When you close the door of the closet, this traps the smell, the moisture within the confined space. You can use dehumidifiers to absorb the moisture from air and keep your clothes from getting the damp feeling.

Therefore, if you’re a new homeowner who has suddenly come across a bad odor in your new abode, make use of the above listed ideas to eliminate the smell and live in peace.

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