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How to Choose an Electric Scooter?

26th February 2020

Electronic scooters are now a mainstay in the automobile sector. The majority of people are ditching petrol engines in the wake of environmental reasons. Governments are aiding the auto sector to create better-performing e-vehicles. Electronic scooters have come a long way. From being a prototype without a future, they are now running across streets outperforming traditional scooters.

Check out the guide to buy the best e-scooter per your needs.

The ride quality

To be honest, some e-scooters have a pathetic ride quality. Some of them die down before covering a single mile. Never take an e-scooter with a wheel diameter of fewer than 8 inches. Such wheels are known to get stuck in potholes and rumble without any reason. It’s better to go for air-filled tires than solid tires. You can also carry a puncture protection fluid for emergencies.

You can go for a scooter without suspension for a smoother ride in air-filled large tires. People who like to ride off-road should get fat treaded tires. If interested, you can get more info here about a scooter for sale or secondhand vehicles that might be in better condition.


Your E-scooters speed would be determined by the motor power, the road condition, your weight and pressure in tires. Speeds quoted by the companies are meant to work best for a 70 kg person riding on a flat surface with perfectly inflated tires. Never buy an e-scooter for speed as they are not powerful enough to race with traditional scooters. An e-scooter with an average speed of 15 mph is perfect for inner-city commute.

Also, remember that cheaper scooters do not have a high-quality battery and their efficiency degrades with every charge.


Electric scooters are not known for exceptional braking systems. The electric brakes can be a little tricky and can also cause trouble in case of a technical fault. Your safety should be your priority and an e-scooter with a negative breaking history should be completely avoided.


The majority of e-scooters are manufactured in China. Their build quality can be fantastic as well as completely awful. We advise you to avoid newer companies that provide inferior products at lower prices. E-scooters are still in their infant stage and an association with a reputed manufacturer will be your best bet when it comes to building quality.


The majority of scooters weigh around the 15 kg mark but it’s always better to buy a 12.5 kg scooter. Usually, e-scooters have a load-bearing capacity of 100 kg and excess weights can ruin your warranty. Check out for scooters that can easily carry your weight and support at least 10kg of luggage.

E-scooter companies have made tall claims regarding their product’s performance and reliability. This market is still young and the chances of advancement are pretty high. The latest technology e-scooter you buy today might become obsolete the next year. It’s still a good investment in terms of an extra vehicle.

Electric scooter with seat is always better than a segway due to the sheer power and comfort. Look out for every e-scooter retailer in your area to choose the best available option.

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