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Game Tour in Tbilisi: What does Junket Tour to Shangri La Offer?

3rd February 2020

If you know a lot about gambling, you have most likely heard about the so-called junket tours. This concept was widely adopted over half a century ago in the USA and Europe. In the 2000s, it spread to the former USSR countries. Now you can enjoy game tourism in the Shangri La units in the capitals of Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Latvia.

The trip advantage to Shangri La Tbilisi is a top-level vacation, a classic holiday tour with a gambling zest. And all this is indicated by one simple word – junket. The term has received quite wide circulation. However, in the most general sense, junket tours involve a journey to play in a casino or take part in a poker tournament. The idea is not new, such trips have long been successfully practiced in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo or Baden-Baden.

Junket tours features in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is one of the most beautiful former USSR capitals, where antiquity gracefully blends with new life. So, in the old city’s very center there is a futuristic modern Bridge of Peace, made of glass and intricately blinking at night with Morse code. Next to this splendor is the best casino in Tbilisi – Shangri La.

The magnificent complex is located in a separate building and has a bright sign that goes perfectly with the Bridge of Peace illumination at night. This is a great place to spend a gambling vacation in Georgia at the highest level.

The main gambling tour advantage in Shangri La is the fact that the company takes on many of the costs associated with the trip. All junket participants receive free services: flight, transfer, food and drinks, accommodation, excursions and much more. It depends on the junket type and the guest wishes.

In exchange, the client must comply with the tour terms. Naturally, they can change, but the general scheme usually does not change. Chips need to be redeemed for a predetermined amount and play in the casino for the agreed time (usually several hours) in the specified bets range and in the agreed games.

Thus, staying in a luxurious hotel with full board, relaxing in a bar or restaurant at the casino is provided completely free of charge when the junket conditions are met.

Excursion during junket tours to Georgia offer the same opportunities that you will find in luxury casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Singapore, Macau or Monte Carlo. But such vacations are much cheaper, and at the same time provide a very good service level.

How to choose a junket tour in Shangri La Tbilisi?

Choosing a junket tour to Tbilisi, to Shangri La, is the same as choosing an all-inclusive sea trip. The higher your investment in the game, the more opportunities the unit offers for a pleasant stay.

It is worth paying attention to the residence place and the services range, visitors can count on a VIP hotel when choosing a tour of the highest price category. Be sure to call the casino manager in Georgia, carefully read the conditions in order to understand what exactly will be included in the vacation program.

You can compare all the offers on the market and find reviews on specialized forums to understand that Shangri La offers a truly VIP level vacation, an honest and responsible game. Feel free to ask contact persons about everything that interests you. Even if the service is not included in the standard package, it may be added specifically for you. All possibilities are discussed individually, and the institution always goes towards its guests.

You can learn more about gaming tours in Shangri La Tbilisi on the official website: shangrila.ge

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