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5 Points – How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Facility

24th January 2020

If you are on the verge of buying a vacuum cleaner for your company then this is the right article for you. There are a few factors that you must keep in mind before settling for any particular vacuum cleaner. If you’re not willing to do any hoovering yourself, you may be better off hiring a company like PRO DRY carpet cleaning to clean the floors for you, but if you’re prepared to hoover yourself, there are some things you need to know. If you are a house cleaning company then this decision particularly becomes exceedingly vital. Getting started with the wrong model is the last thing you will want to do. You need to know that certain models suit specific surfaces and that is why the decision of a vacuum cleaner purchase requires a bit of research from your end. Several types of vacuum cleaners come with vacuum bags, but this article covers the five types of them. Scan through the article and then decide which one to settle for.


This model provides quite a powerful suction, which makes it great for heavily soiled areas, like entrance halls and corridors. You can take a look at different brands such as Riccar vacuums, but Dyson is probably the best-known model of upright vacuum. These often come with generously-sized cylinders for collecting debris, removing the need to replace bags. Whilst they are very heavy duty, they are also more expensive and heavier than other types of hoover. Due to their versatility, however, most cleaning companies, like these commercial cleaning services Lynchburg, use them to cover large, open areas quickly and efficiently.


Canister vacuum cleaners often contain a bag, making them different to upright vacuums. The best know model is Henry hoovers, and these models can better handle hardwood and tile floors, but they tend to struggle with carpet as they have less powerful suction and don’t usually come with brushes. They also possess a downside which is again related to their weight and shape. These are bulkier and heavier and thus hard to store. You will require a large cupboard to not only store the hoover itself but also the long hose that comes with it. Some attachments make it easier for the vacuums to reach difficult places, however.


If you are looking for a vacuum with a slender shape then you should without a doubt go for a stick vacuum. These are perfect for fitting into cracks and under desks. These lightweight vacuum cleaners are convenient and also cord-free, and perfect for storing in limited space. Their suction is pretty powerful, but the battery can run out pretty quickly due to this. They’re best for small areas of carpet, like doormats or rugs.


These are small, portable and light, making them perfect for quick jobs and on-the-go cleaning. They’re great for cleaning crumbs from surfaces, dusting on top of cabinets and freshening up upholstery. However, they are not so great for cleaning flooring. The only area of flooring these vacuum cleaners are useful for is stairs where a heavy or bulky vacuum would be dangerous, awkward or unwieldy. They can’t carry much debris, so they may need emptying quite often.


If you want to cut down on cleaning costs, a robotic vacuum might be the best option for you. The best-known model is the Roomba, which came onto the market with much fanfare in the 00s. They’re always cordless, and modern models can even self-empty and self-charge. If your facility is always messy, these will help to keep the floor clean. They are a trip hazard, however, so it might be worth placing a flag on top to ensure they are always visible.

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