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5 Points – How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Facility

24th January 2020

If you are on the verge of buying a vacuum cleaner then this is the right article for you. There are a few factors which you must keep in mind before settling for any particular vacuum cleaner. If you have a house cleaning then this decision particularly becomes exceedingly vital. Getting started with the wrong model and cleaner is the last thing which you will want to do. You must have realized by now that certain materials fit and suit specific surfaces and that is why the decision of vacuum cleaner purchase requires a bit of research from your end. Several types of vacuum cleaners come with vacuum bags, but this article covers the five types of them. Scan through the article and then decide which one to settle for.


If you are a pet parent then you would not agree more that you are absolutely in love with the fur babies. It is great to have fur babies but having their hair littered on the floor is not an appreciative idea. If you are a pet parent then upright vacuum is for you. This model provides quite a powerful suction. If your house owns carpet and rugs floors then it is an ideal option to get the upright model of vacuum. You can take a look at different brands such as Riccar vacuums or others with upright models, and choose the one that suits best. These often come with generously-sized vacuum bags. If you are wondering their price then these are generally cheaper than canister models. But the downside of these upright model is generally associated with their weight. These are often quite heavy this not preferable by some consumers. If you will go for the upright vacuum and in case you have the hard floor then the best option is to go for the ones with brush roll feature as these have on and off option.


Canister vacuum cleaners with vacuum bags are other types of cleaner which fall under the preference of several pet owners. These models can better handle the hardwood and tile floors. There are few models of canister vacuum cleaners that can also handle the cleaning of carpets and that too effectively. They also possess a downside which is again related to their weight. These are bulkier thus hard to store. You will require a great spare place which is often hard to get so accommodation indeed poses a problem. These canister vacuums come with vacuum bags and other attachments. Some attachments make it easier for the vacuums to reach difficult places.


If you are looking for a vacuum with slender shape then you should without a doubt go for the stick vacuums. These are perfect for fitting into cracks and behind the refrigerator wall. These lightweight vacuum cleaners are convenient and also cord-free. You need to realize that these vacuum cleaners with vacuum bags are not ideal for cleaning the carpets as they are not designed to work that way. These come in handy for picking litter and spilled cereal.

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