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Tips to make your moving more easy

14th January 2020
  • Get rid of stuff can be really hard. We are keeping stuff what we don’t even know about and they are somewhere in the back of the closet but now because we are packing everything we have found our 5 years old mixer. It can be hard to get rid of things especially because we have memories attached to them but trust me it will make everything much more easier.
  • Organize if you are that type of person which loves to organise things then you will really enjoy this part. To sort things out by category is gonna be very helpful not only while you are packing but also after you will arrive to your new place, because you will know which box to get if you are looking for you favourite mug.
  • Sell/donate you have went through all your stuff and you found some things which still can be used but you don’t want to carry them with you because you don’t have the space. You can either donate them and do something nice for others or you can sell them and get some extra dollars. Donating is faster because you will just drop the things off which is super easy. With selling your things you will never know how fast they are gonna get sell or even if they will get sold. Both of them has their good and bad sides but it is something what you should do.
  • Pack ahead definitely one of the best recommendations what I can give you. There is nothing worst than having your moving truck in front of your house but having half of your boxes empty because you were procrastinating. Pack your stuff couple days ahead so you are ready for the truck.
  • To do list another very handy thing. Make a list what needs to done at your old house, what needs to be done at your new place and also things around like changing your address. Put every important things into a calendar and on a visible place so you know what is still missing.

We can always make moving little bit less stressful and make the best of it. If you need any good recommendations for moving companies then I would look at OmdömesStalle because they are having reviews on their website from other customers. Seeing other people opinion about the experience with the company can be helpful as well and we will know what we are getting ourself into, to make our moving process as smooth as it can get.

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