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How to collect Honest Reviews from your Customers

10th January 2020

Collecting reviews from your customers is an easy way to know what customers think about your business and your products. However, there are various ways that you can receive reviews from your customers. The best way would be to encourage your customers to talk to you if you have not served them well, while they should tell others when they are satisfied with your business.

This way, you can take care of all the negative issues between yourself and the customer, while they can tell others when you have done well. That way, they would see the positive reviews and patronize you. However, customers aren’t all the same. While some people would be really good to follow through with this method, others would outwardly leave a negative review on the web even at the smallest disappointment. Though a mix of both, positive and negative reviews can make your business appear more trustworthy, reviews too harshly negative can majorly impact your brand image. The good news, however, is that you can also get those reviews removed with the help of a professional from a Reputation Management firm.

But, now the question is how to collect reviews in the first place. Well, this article covers just that. Let us look at the different ways in which you can collect reviews from your customers and find the best complaint platform out there.

Through review websites
The best way to get positive reviews from the customers that are satisfied with your service is through independent review websites. It would look nicer if someone tells you that I know a lot of people who have patronized this company and this is what they have to say, compared to the owner of the company saying this is what all the people that have used my company are saying about me. The other person, when neutral and independent, will tell you exactly what others have said. The company owner, however, would most likely filter out all the people that said bad things about his company and mention only the good. Thus, it is mostly easier to collect good reviews on neutral websites like US Reviews.

From your website
It is possible to collect reviews on your website. However, it would not be best to collect the ones you want to show to others. As opposed to collecting good reviews on your website and showing to visitors to your website, it would be better you collect on neutral reviews websites, list a few on your website and provide the link. People would trust the independent reviews site more. However, you should have a contact us page on your website with a form where you can encourage your customers to drop reviews if they are not happy with the quality of the service or product you have delivered. That way you can reach back to them and solve the problems. This will help to avoid cases where they have already given you a negative review on the neutral review site and it is already discouraging other customers from reaching you.

From your email
You could also have an email address listed on your home page and contact us page. Customers could send messages directly to this email address whenever there is an issue. You could subsequently resolve the issue and get back to them when it has been resolved.

Through phone calls
For those who prefer to speak than to write and considering calling is faster, it is important to have a 24 hours toll-free line too, especially if you are running an online store. That way, those who prefer to call could place a call to the number and provide you feedback.

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