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Stormy 20s Winter Party at Shangri La Tbilisi

23rd December 2019

At Shangri La, life is in full swing all year round, but with the approach of the New Year’s holidays, more and more cool parties are held for guests. And on December 14, 2019, the organizers invite everyone to plunge into the Stormy 20s. You will find live music, an original show, excellent company and prize draws.

Do not miss your chance to spend a wonderful vacation in Shangri La! To do this, just order a game tour in Georgia for convenient dates. If your visit coincides with the time of parties and raffles, you can become a participant in them and count on an additional jackpot.

About Shangri La Unit in Tbilisi

Shangri La Casino Tbilisi is the most original, stylish and upscale gaming establishment in Georgia. The place has a luxurious decor providing comfort, friendliness and excellent customer service. Shangri La is the best place to try your luck, whether you prefer high stakes or low ones.

The complex is located in one of the most historical and picturesque Tbilisi areas. It is not far from the Bridge of Peace and just 10 km from the airport’s main highway and 20 minutes from Tbilisi International Airport.

Shangri La Casino offers both table games (four types of poker, American roulette, blackjack, punto banco) and the most modern slots from the world best manufacturers.

X.O. club is part of the Shangri La Tbilisi casino and is an ideal venue for high bets games, offering privacy, security and higher prize pools. And all this in luxurious VIP areas and with a whole free services list!

What you cannot miss is a visit to the stylishly decorated restaurant in the Shangri La complex. Here you can enjoy world-class cuisine served along with the Bridge of Peace and the Mktvari River breathtaking views. Give yourself the perfect ending to the night at Shangri La.

For the guest’s convenience, the complex provides a large parking zone for personal transport, as well as taxi services if you do not want to drive a car.

Michael Boettcher’s Storm International company, which manages the unit, adheres to its own strict rules and supports all established international gaming standards, and also guarantees excellent service and security. Players of both table games and slot machines will be rewarded for participating in special advertising games that offer large cash prizes that end with exciting and spectacular shows.

Shangri La Tbilisi is a part of the Shangri La casino family, run by Storm International, a world-renowned gaming business operator with more than 25 years of history and reputation.

Game tour – all the charm of a vacation in Shangri La

A game tour or junket to Georgia is an organized all-inclusive trip, which is sold as a travel package, but with the possibility of playing in a casino. It is also a tour, which often can include travel expenses, food and drinks, hotel accommodation and other services during the visit. All this is provided in exchange for a deposit (in fact – the cost of game chips), which is made by the player. This is the amount that you need to play in the gaming room.

Depending on the junket duration, said Darren Keane, Storm International director, a certain minimum bets level that the client must make every day, as well as the minimum amount of money that he must deliver, is stipulated. During a group visit, all participants receive special conditions and privileges at the casino, and hotel rooms will be reserved for them.

During the winter holidays, Shangri La Tbilisi creates a real New Year’s atmosphere, and this is an excellent occasion to plan a game tour for December or January. Junket participants automatically become guests of all events, as well as private parties.

You can book a game tour and learn more about the complex work on the official website: shangrila.ge.

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