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How to sleep better while camping

5th November 2019

Getting a good night’s sleep while camping is possible. You don’t need to toss and turn in the dead of the night. Finding deep sleep while camping can be made possible by having a simple camp kit upgrade. There are a few steps you should follow to help you sleep better. Try out some of these aspects next time you are out camping.

Having the right sleeping bag

When camping, a sleeping bag is your best companion. Finding the best sleeping bag depends on temperature, sleeping habits, and surroundings. Most sleeping bags have different temperature ratings, and you need the right one. If you’re camping during the summer, you should bring a sleeping bag fit for hot conditions. The same should also be said for cold season campers; bring the sleeping bag with the right temperature ratings.

You should also consider your sleeping habits. Do you turn over multiple times during the night? Having a regular sleeping bag won’t provide enough room for tossing and turning. Find a bag that offers extra room for movement. Make sure you find the right sleeping bag which suits your environment and sleeping habits. Having the right sleeping bag will go a long way in ensuring you sleep better while camping.

Find comfortable tent bedding

Besides a sleeping bag, there are other choices, such as air mattresses for camping, pillows, and sleeping pads. Camping sleeping pads come in different varieties such as air, closed-cell foaming, and self-inflating. Air pads and closed cells are efficient as they are easy to transport. Egg crate mattresses are known to take up more space. Make sure to place a pad beneath your sleeping bag to help even out the ground. Sleeping pads also help provide a plush sleeping surface.

You can bring your home pillow with you while camping. If you are traveling from one campsite to the other, opt for an inflatable camp pillow. You can easily compress it and tuck it into your camping backpack. Make sure to test your tent bedding before you go on your camping trip. You can try sleeping on it for a night to check whether air is lost while sleeping. Make sure to bring a tarp and avoid sleeping in a wet tent in case it rains.

Listen to your favorite podcast

Earphones do provide some welcoming comfort in the form of music and podcasts. Listening to music or a podcast will make you fall asleep quickly. You can also use earplugs to help block out the noise from nature sounds. The wilderness is much noisier than most people believe. Noise in the wilderness is not calibrated to a steady volume, therefore, you will hear various types of noises. Expect to hear bristling trees, crunching under bushes, and random movements.

Blocking out the noise will help you sleep faster; it also prevents you from getting alarmed by strange noises. Make sure to use an eye mask to block out light too. Camping during the full moon can ensure you sleep better at all times. Earplugs and eye masks will help you sleep through an early sunrise. The rustling of leaves will make your mind run wild. Thanks to a set of earplugs and an eye mask, you are bound to sleep comfortably.

Find the right spot to pitch your tent

When camping, choose a place that is as flat as possible and preferably on the soft grass. Make sure you select a site that is free of rocks as you want to sleep comfortably. Free yourself from any physical discomforts as they will cause you pain and loss of sleep. Avoid any noisy terrain which will arouse your ears. You can wiggle around on the ground to see how comfortable the sleeping spot is. Make sure to test where you sleep before you pitch your tent.

Are you sharing a campsite? Set up your tent on the edge as far away from noisy neighbors. Are you sleeping on a hill? Make sure to orient your sleeping bags and make sure your head is higher than the rest of your body. It helps to keep blood from rushing to your head. You should also pitch your tent near the restroom. Have a habit of waking up at night? Make sure you have a flashlight nearby. Ensure you pee before you go to bed to avoid waking up at night.

Well, these are all the precautions one can take while spreading their tent. However, finding ground with all these things in mind wouldn’t be possible, always. And sleep is also important. Without good sleep, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your camping or be part of the planned activities. Hence, to avoid such situations and get proper sleep in any condition, you can carry some cannabis or hash (like the ones available at wccannabis co) to get a good night’s sleep and extract full fun of the excursion.

Focus on warmth

When camping, ensure you go to sleep feeling cozy and warm. Bring luxury to your camping trip by boiling a cup of hot water an hour before you sleep. You can pour hot tea in a heat resistant water bottle and place it in your sleeping bag. Stuff in extra clothes and fill any pockets between your body and the bag. Camping with adjustable sleeping bags will allow unzipping layers of proper insulation.

Make sure to pack an extra blanket and some socks to warm you while camping. Choosing the right clothes is as important as having the right sleeping bag. In warm weather, use light loose clothing or your underpants. During cold camping trips, use thicker sleeping wear, which will help you stay warm. Wearing too many layers will also restrict you from sleeping better. An excellent place to start is by wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Get rid of bugs and mosquitoes

A mosquito buzzing around your ear at night can cause some huge distractions. The best way to combat insects and mosquitoes is to keep the screen door closed. You can also use a mosquito repellent candle and a bug zapper light to kill insects and mosquitoes. Ensure you have no holes in your tent. You can also get some mosquito netting for added security. Make sure to store and dispose of foods properly to avoid attracting bugs. You will sleep better without bugs and mosquito distractions.

Go to bed at a reasonable time

When camping, most people never think of going to bed early. The sun always comes up at the same time, regardless of when you slept. You are bound to deal with very bright light coming into your tent. Sleeping earlier will ensure you have gotten ample sleep and are ready to wake up early. It adds to the overall ability to sleep better while camping.

Getting a good night’s sleep while camping can make or break the experience. Make sure to stay relaxed when camping for a memorable camping experience.

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