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Is Alcohol a Good Investment

23rd October 2019

Investing in alcohol is an investment, just like any other. It is a business that gives the investor good returns if they put in the effort required. However, the investor needs to have a good understanding of the business and the challenges that come with it before investing.

Factors to Consider before Investing in Alcohol

1. License Costs and Requirements

Liquor stores require licensure from city or county authorities. In the past, liquor licenses have become costly and complicated to the point of affecting the operations of a business. It is, therefore, vital for the investor to be aware of laws and regulations in the city they wish to invest in. In some states, a license can be transferred from one owner to the other, whereas, in others, the new owner must apply for another permit.

2. Location

The location of your business is an essential factor to consider before making your investment. Choose a location with enough traffic and less competition. However, competition is not a big issue if your services are excellent in addition to selling a variety of quality alcohol brands at affordable prices. You can also have extras such as tobacco and lottery to bring in more revellers.

Alternative Way to Invest In Alcohol

Other than opening a liquor store, you can also choose to invest in alcohol trading. Alcohol trading is buying wines and spirits that are produced as a limited edition to sell them years later at a profit. One can also purchase alcohol from companies that are facing closure but have manufactured quality products in the past.

For this kind of investment to generate profits, you must take good care of the alcohol you buy. Before you make your purchase, consider the age, distillery, price, and packaging; in doing this, you will avoid buying a fake product. It is good to enlist the services of an expert to help you determine the authenticity of a product.

After purchase, make sure to store the bottles properly to avoid damage. Keep them in a dark, temperature-controlled space like a dedicated wine cellar. In case you don’t have an existing cellar, consider researching options like this Spiral Cellars by Nicolas Anthony or similar installers, which allows for natural airflow and consistent temperatures ideal for preservation. You also must ensure that your cellar, whether spiral or traditional, has the right humid conditions to preserve the alcohol for some years. If you want to reap big profits, you must wait several years before you sell the alcohol. Lastly, buy a product that people like today and will want in 10 or 15 years, as aging can enhance the flavor and value of certain wines.

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