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Saving Money with an Ultimate Goal in Mind

3rd September 2019

There’s no doubt about the fact that as human beings we’re pretty much paying our way through life, whether we like to admit it or not. Some people are lucky enough to have been born into some kind of privileged positions and therefore they don’t need to worry about money as much as others do, while others are fortunate enough to have the graft with which they carry themselves through their lives to catapult them into those positions where money is no longer the mega problem it once was.

It’s often the latter who are best at holding onto some kind of fortune which they manage to amass, whereas the ones who are born into privilege kind of struggle with what the true value of money is.

There’s no time to play the blame game or point fingers, simply because the people who have created what is essentially a broken financial system to manage the underlying economic system have long since departed this earth and those who are currently in a position to benefit from these creations will never willingly surrender their privilege, will they?

As a result, as an average, hardworking individual who has nothing but good intentions as far as it goes with contributing positively to the economy and community, one of the only avenues through which we can seek to improve our own situations is indeed that of finding ways to save money in our daily lives. Tax tools are available to help you figure out potential refunds so you can factor that amount into your savings goal. Here’s something to state as a matter of fact, for those who may not be aware of the reality – if you went about your daily grind and you never sought to look for an extra source of income in addition to never taking active steps to save some money once in a while, you would realise that how much you bring in at the end of each month is simply not enough.

Now, I can get into many little sub-topics to further explain exactly what I’m talking about in terms of inflation and the cost of living generally rising faster than the salary of the average working person today, but that’s perhaps a discussion for an entirely different post. What I’m getting at with this post is that sure, if you have identified some areas in your life in which to save a bit of money, such as the discount coupons for your groceries, promotional bonuses for the online slots platforms on which you bet, etc, you need to have an ultimate goal in mind as something you want to do with those savings.

Resist the urge to spend that extra bit of credit as it becomes available, because this can lead you into the trap of raising one’s standard of living and thereby negating any gains you would have made. Invest that extra money in some way so that it can one day perhaps have you escaping the need to scrimp and save further.

Investing is indeed subjective, because in the case of someone like an online gambler, investing that extra bit that you get could mean placing higher bets during those spins that you’ve strategically identified to possibly land favourably, thereby equating to higher payouts!

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