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Looking to win at the mobile casino? Make sure you have these 3 qualities

7th August 2019

We normally like to think that mobile slots are all about the element of surprise and that no one can really know what the next spin would bring. But there are a few factors that are not beyond our control. In fact, you as a player can do a whole lot to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot, starting with acquiring and enhancing these 3 qualities:

Quality #1: Curiosity

The unknown part of social gaming is still quite big and influences the gaming experience. People who naturally enjoy unveiling and learning new things will like it more, play the games more and as a result – win bigger rewards. Encourage your inner and curious child to lead the way and have fun with what you don’t know about the game. This will get you to spin one more time, complete another challenge and hit another jackpot.

Quality #2: Persistency

Speaking of completing challenges, this is a major part of becoming an expert casino gamer. Slot apps such as 88 Fortunes, for example, make sure to create exciting tasks for players that sometimes take days or even weeks to complete. This means that gamers who are less persistent and more, shall we say, flaky, have a smaller chance of winning the mega prizes at the end of the rainbow. Those who can be consistent and steady are more likely to reach their goals, both in and outside the game.

Quality # 3: Courage 

At the end of the day, social gaming apps are all about daring to place a bet and collecting the rewards afterwards. No guts – no coins! Some challenges will increase the reward according to the amount each player is willing to bet, and in many cases your prize will be X times that amount. Since slot apps enable players to win back coins quickly after a less successful spin, players only need a little bit of courage, but it’s still important that they have this basic quality.

Staying curious, persistent and courageous is great even when you don’t play mobile slot machines. What starts as in an effort to increase your chances of winning will soon make you a better person in all other aspects of life. So, do these qualities sound a lot like you, or do you need to work on them just a little? Tell us how you plan to do that on your way to winning the game!

Jack Braintree

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