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What you should look for in an IT support company

31st May 2019

Looking for IT support is no east task. With the surge in technology comes a surge in companies offering IT services.

When looking at IT support for your business, there are a few things you should look at when approaching these companies. We’ve put together a small guideline for things to look for:

Fast response times

Some problems will always take a bit of time to diagnose and repair, but when finding a company to assist with your IT you should look for one that is able to respond to you quickly and keep you updated along the way.

Fast response isn’t about getting a job done as quickly as possible, it is about how they handle your enquiries and communicate their findings. You don’t want a company that cuts corners and gives you an instantaneous time frame for any repairs, so it’s all about finding balance.


Just as you would look at reviews of products, it’s useful to note whether the IT support companies you are looking at have any case studies, testimonials, or reviews. This will help you grasp how other customers have found their experience and which areas the company does particularly well in.

Whilst it is good to identify an IT support company that has a range of customers in different industries, make sure they have some that fit in to your category. Testimonials are ultimately a proof of real results.

Businesses can have very specific IT needs. For example, if you work in recruitment you will look for an IT support company who is up-to-date on data protection, CRM systems specifically for recruitment needs and Cloud-based solutions specific to your industry.

24/7 Service

Business and technology are both unpredictable. Having access to 24/7 service will ensure the company you choose to handle your IT will be on hand to deal with any unforeseen issues, this is key to giving you the technology peace of mind your business deserves.

This 24/7 service should include a monitoring service that detects any issues on your hardware and software. Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important, and as a business owner keeping your company safe from cyber attacks should be a priority.

Varied levels of support

Look out for an IT company that can offer you different levels of support and can do this based on the size of your business, your budget, and the requirements of your team.

For example, you may benefit more from paying on a retainer basis rather than paying on an ad-hoc basis depending on the level of support that you are after, the services you require and the amount of money you are prepared to spend. Alternatively, you may simply be looking for occasional It Advisory Services, as opposed to full-on support, so will focus your efforts more on finding a consultant-style business who will be able to help you out with this.

A dedicated account manager/consultant

When you are working with an IT support company, building up trust and working with somebody that knows you and your business will improve the relationship and the service.

Ideally, you would have one person of contact who will get to know you and will become more intuitive to your needs in regards to technical support and IT. An IT consultant could be that person. Some businesses may hire an individual it consultant texas (or elsewhere) as well since he could assist full-time with all the IT processes.

Ultimately you need IT support, either a person or company who understands your business needs fully as they will be helping to support your business almost as much as you are. Look for a company that offers a wide range of IT support services and that can adapt to different needs and scenarios.

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