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How to Effectively Market Your Trade Show Exhibit

24th May 2019

Exhibitions and trade shows are the perfect avenues to get a new brand recognised. Even big companies and well-known brands participate in trade shows if they are launching a new product. One of the great things about an exhibition is that the audience is a captive mix of customers, the press, and other interested parties. A new business has the opportunity to attract customers and, at the same time, network with potential suppliers and business partners. You will also get free publicity if the press notices your booth.

At this point, you may have already planned the booth design and have prepared all the materials you need to market your product. But regardless of how eye-catching your exhibition display stands are, you still need to augment your display with tried and tested marketing strategies.

Promote your exhibit early

One of the most common rookie mistakes made by first-time exhibit participants is to wait until a month before the show to start promoting. But if you pay attention to how big brands do it, they start promoting for their next exhibit as soon as they complete their current show.

Email invitations should be sent out at least eight months before the event to give people enough time to make plans and schedule the exhibit in their calendars. Do not forget to communicate regularly with those you have invited, right up until the exhibition.

You can also custom-design banner ads for your website or send out an email blast to all your customers to keep them interested in the upcoming exhibit.

How to get trade press and organisers to notice your brand

One way to go big in promoting your brand is to reach out the trade show organisers directly to find out all the available promotional opportunities. Although some of these require a fee, others are free. Press people covering the event are always interested in covering news about up and coming brands. You can reach out to them and request to have a piece published about your brand or your company, which is perfect if you are willing to shell out money for paid promotion.

Make personal appointments with valuable buyers and visitors

If you are interested in gaining brand loyalty, you will need to make appointments with important customers that visit your exhibit personally. You can also tap into the organiser’s list of hosted buyers so that you can find potential attendees that fit your target market profile. By doing all these things in advance, you can ensure that you already have leads to pursue when the event begins.

Engage visitors all the time

Trade show exhibits are not meant to be passive. The whole point of marketing your business at this type of event is to expand the reach of your brand, and if people aren’t engaged to come to your stand in the first place, how will you achieve your goal? But don’t worry. It really is very simple to get noticed, and your display will play an important part. You see, Exhibits NW is a trade show exhibit company that can help you to create and build a display that will engage everyone, so they should be considered if you want to make the most of your time here.

Also, trade show attendees will pass by if you do not have staff available to greet and engage guests. Keep greetings simple and refrain from being overbearing. A simple invitation should be enough to get a passer-by interested in visiting your booth. If they refuse, politely move on to the next prospect. The key here is to keep the atmosphere relaxed and friendly.

An excellent way to ensure that you captivate your visitors’ attention is by providing unique gifts that include your company’s logo, such as promotional wristbands, lanyards, or lighters.

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