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Get A Dedicated Desk In A Shared Space Surrounded By Like-Minded People

8th April 2019

For many New Yorkers, the coworking space fits right in with an attitude that revels in collaboration. Before the collaboration became popular, New Yorkers were getting together to join their resources to create great products and services. While not the originators of the collaboration or coworking, they have certainly contributed to a workspace design that has taken off in many directions.

However, the coworking space that creates opportunities for social interaction and places networking as a premium can often be very busy, in some cases, too busy. While the coworking space is the intersection between convivial workspace and industry, it can also be distracting to work among so many bright young professionals. Fortunately, for professionals committed to the coworking mission, the dedicated desk can provide businesses with the best of both worlds.

Read more to learn about how the dedicated desk in a shared space can do much for your productivity – and concentration.

The Dedicated Explanation 

Dedicated desks are simply permanent desks that are a part of the coworking space. They differ from the hot desk workstations in that the hot desk works on a first-come-first-serve basis where a dedicated desk is a desk dedicated to you in a shared space with like-minded people. The lease works the same as the hot desk where you have access to similar amenities, but the only difference is your workspace belongs to you.

In NYC’s office space climate, the dedicated desk makes sense for businesses who need a workspace, but workspace that can minimise some of the distractions that happen in the coworking space. If the serviced office has locations around the city, typically you can use these spaces when necessary. Ultimately, though, the dedicated desk provides you with many benefits.

Major Benefits Of The Dedicated 

The major benefit of the dedicated desk is that it is space reserved for the professional, so no matter the day or night, you can use the space. This can be quite helpful when the coworking space is at its busiest and finding free space is impossible. Other benefits relate to the amount of privacy that a professional gets in the coworking space. A desk separated from other people is very important, especially when working on information that might be sensitive or confidential. With hot desks being so close together, others might inadvertently look at your screen, which is not a great way to keep private information secure.

Other benefits include being able to personalise the space. While you cannot engage in a full-on redecorating project, bringing nick knacks from home is a way to personalise sterile space. Pillows, favourite pictures, and other accessories can be a way to make your space more comfortable.

Finally, businesses usually are provided with some storage space, which can be helpful for those who have things that should stay at the office. Depending on the profession, the dedicated desk eliminates transporting a lot of work materials back and forth between the house and office. These are just a few ways that the dedicated desk can be an advantage to your business.

Why Go With Permanent Private Space 

The dedicated desk can offer businesses respite from a workspace that can be busy. It can also provide you with the same amenities that come with the standard hot desk at a slightly higher cost. While you pay a little more, you preserve your peace and privacy.

Finding Peace And Privacy 

As stated above, the coworking space provides businesses with a bit of the best of both worlds – peaceful workspace in a dynamic community. Coworking professionals who like the platform do not have to skimp on the more private parts of a traditional workspace. The dedicated desk can offer peace, privacy, and the opportunity to enjoy a great community.

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