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3 Ways Savvy Shoppers Can Save Online

25th March 2019

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Bargains! Bargains! Bargains! Everybody loves a way to get something for free, save money, or slice a little off what we’d be spending normally. The olden days saw us snipping coupons from magazines and collecting cereal boxes or sending back receipts to get some loose change for an item we were forced to buy. But, since the dawn of the internet, companies are a lot more generous – and consumers a lot more savvy – with ways in which the average Joe and Jane can save money online. For instance, now with new technology and offers, you could even look to save little bits of money online by using cash-back options with various companies. You could even find that certain banks team with companies to offer discounts and cash-back incentives, for example look into these aspiration online bank reviews to find more on how you could save with certain companies when banking with Aspiration. So, here are some ways in which we can skim a little extra by saving online.

Voucher Codes

The internet has replaced the magazine as a source of vouchers – this time in the form of codes that offer money-off, point towards certain sales, or even give discounts on shipping. Online retailers are in fierce competition, with little to differentiate some of them, so offering free delivery could be the difference between the sale or not. There are a few key sites that cover the main voucher codes and some sites even offer their vouchers at the checkout. Clothes retailer New Look is known to offer money off if you’re idle with your basket for too long as a way of prompting a sale. Many other sites have their own methods to avoid basket abandonment, so chances are, if you leave something in an online basket, there will be an incentive your way to make the purchase. For sport and fashion brands, voucher codes can often be found on the Instagram pages of their ambassadors and affiliates. Most influencers have ongoing deals with several companies that offer their followers money off for using their voucher code. If you were going to buy this anyway, it would be worth looking into.

Something for Free

Similar to voucher codes, there are plenty of ways to game the system online to essentially take advantage of free things. Plenty of subscriptions sites from Netflix to Amazon to Spotify to Hayu offer free trials before you sign up. If you work it right, you can have months of free viewing before paying a penny. The same can be said for various apps, such as Pay As U Gym, which offers discounted and free trials of plenty of gyms, which enables you to prolong the time before you need to start paying for it. But it doesn’t just stop at making purchases and subscriptions. You can even find that sites offer a vast array of incentives to use their site; for example, Oddschecker shows sites offering free bets for their sportsbooks. By offering an incentive to choose a particular brand or company, they are building loyalty with the consumer as the consumer perceives that the brand wants to help them by offering them something for free.

Source: Pixabay

Make Money Online

Conversely, if saving money through the internet isn’t enough for you, there are some ways in which you can make money. The app Sweatcoin, for instance, acts as a pedometer in which the steps gain you a special tokenised form of currency, Sweatcoin. These tokens can be exchanged in their store for products or services. Swagbucks gives you money off for doing surveys, scrolling the internet or interacting with videos they post, which can be done easily on a commute. Inbox Dollars works much the same way and offers money off for doing things that most people will be doing with their phones anyway. Daily Goodie Box works even better by giving you a free box of goodies in exchange for you reviewing what you have received. While some of the items may differ from what you may normally have wanted, the fact they are free could sway you to eat something different.

The savvy shopper can find bargains everywhere online – they just need to be smart about where they look. Even social media could work, especially groups on Facebook that are offering free items to be collected. These could be taken and either passed on or sold elsewhere. Spending some time to compile a list of where offers may be lurking on the web can end up saving time and money in the long run. Some people even make careers out of being so savvy with their shopping that they blog about it and, in turn, make money doing so.

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