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Best family cars on finance

14th March 2019

Car finance is becoming increasingly popular year after year, mainly because it stretches the cost of owning a car and makes it more accessible for different circumstances. It’s especially attractive for busy families who may be on a budget! Families tend to want more space, safety, and security from their cars, without paying a fortune.

Before getting a car on finance, buyers should ensure that they are not getting overpriced for their new vehicle. Using Invoice Pricing (https://invoice-pricing.com/), prospective buyers can ensure they’re getting the best deal available on the car they want to buy. This would also help with the finance as the premiums would be lowered.

Now, coming to car finance, there are many advantages to opting for it. You can spread the cost of owning a new or used car into affordable payments each month to a fixed interest rate. A joint application is a car finance agreement where two people are legally responsible for maintaining the repayments on a car, which can be perfect for couples!

If one party is unable to keep up with payments then the co-signer will take responsibility. If you are looking to make a joint application and you’ve been refused car finance in the past, this could impact your current credit score as you will become financially linked to your co-signer. There are also many no deposit car finance options available, which means you don’t have to use your family savings to cover the cost! You also benefit from fixed interest rates with many car finance deals so there are no unexpected changes or fluctuating payments.

Looking for a family car on finance? Refused Car Finance, a bad credit car finance specialist, have put together their best family cars that are available on finance below…

Vauxhall Insignia

Auto Express’ Family Car of The Year 2018, the Vauxhall Insignia is loved by many! One of the biggest selling points is the amount of space it offers, especially in the rear. It’s a car that will take you from the car seat era right to the terrible teens to the young adult and still be able to cater for all. There is also an impressive 490 litre boot space! For the driver, the car is well refined and capable of handling any terrain. An overall smooth ride and comfortable experience.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has been heavily praised for being one of the best affordable family hatchbacks! The latest version has a revised exterior and plenty of space inside. It has been a favourite with UK drivers for many years thanks to its impressive fuel economy and value for money. It also comes with lots of standard safety equipment for that added peace of mind!

Audi A3 Sportback

A little bit more luxurious, the Audi A3 is one of the best premium-badged family hatchbacks available! It has also won the What Car? Family Car of the Year award many times over the past few years. It strikes an excellent balance between comfort and control with strong, efficient engines. The interior is very attractive and has enough space for four people and a conveniently large boot space. These are just a few features that have contributed to its soaring popularity. Needless to say, the demand for this vehicle has reached the point where even those looking to buy second-hand seem to be considering audi a3 used cars for sale as their potential purchase.

Renault Megane

If you’re looking for safety, the Megane is a great choice. Renault has a good track record of producing reliable cars! The Megan has a five-star rating from the independent crash-test body Euro NCAP. With a striking exterior design and attractive interior, the Megane is a great choice for any family. The latest version of the Megane also comes with a great range of interior features such as automatic wipers, rear parking sensors and automatic headlights.

Nissan Qashqai

The Nissan Qashqai has been a favorite for many families for years. It has been a popular SUV choice for many families in the UK and it’s no surprise why. The Qashqai is a very affordable and stylish SUV that offers a smooth ride and easy handling. It has the perfect blend of practicality, style, and affordability.

Skoda Octavia

The Octavia is one of the highest-rated cars on the list. It has many key features that are suited to family life. For example, it has an exceptionally large boot and an excellent amount of headroom and legroom. Skoda’s slogan has long been ‘affordability without compromise’ and the Octavia remains true to this!

Do You Have an Old Car?

If you have an old car and are looking to finance a new one, there are several options available to you. One option is to sell your old car to a private buyer. This can be done through online marketplaces or local classifieds. By selling your old car, you can use the money towards financing your new car. Another option is to trade in your old car at the dealership where you plan to purchase your new vehicle. This can be a convenient option, as you can use the value of your old car towards the down payment on your new car.

Finally, if your old car is no longer functional, you may consider scrapping it. This can be done through a firm offering the facility to Scrap Car Cardiff (if that’s where you are based) or a recycling center and you may be able to receive a good amount of money for the scrap metal. Regardless of which option you choose, it is important to do your research and compare prices to ensure you are getting the best deal for your old car.

Before You Take the Plunge

Ultimately, when it comes to buying a car for a family, there are lots of different options available. Whether you are looking for a reliable car like the Megane, affordability, and style like the Qashqai, or a car with lots of features like the Octavia, there is something for everyone. When considering your financing options, it is important to compare prices and do research to ensure you are getting the best deal for your old car.

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