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The Unique Anatomy of a Digital Nomad’s Trip

10th February 2019

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in one of the many available Serviced apartments by VISIONAPARTMENTS, wherever it is you may find yourself in the world, you must have had an encounter with so-called digital nomads staying in other units. These are people who because of their ability to work remotely, travel the world and bring their work with them in what may seem like something of a lifelong vacation. That’s not the case though – it’s not all holidays and fun in the sun, bringing to light the rather unique anatomy of a digital nomad’s trip.

Ideal accommodation

In truth, you’ll find digital nomads lodging in all sorts of accommodation, including backpackers’ hostels, serviced apartments, top-of-the-line hotels in moderation, holiday resorts, and guesthouses, but the ideal accommodation for a digital nomad could be a serviced apartment. This is because here they have everything they need in order to hit the ground running with striking a balance between what appears to be a nice holiday away and the ever-looming work they have to get done. They can still find time to get away and enjoy what the city they are staying in has to offer, for example, having a nice meal at a local restaurant and then going on over to a cigar bar like smoke on the water weston, to sample the local experience. It all depends on where they are and what they want to do.

In a serviced apartment, a digital nomad doesn’t have to worry about true holidaymakers coming and going and disturbing them every now and again, asking them to join them on whatever excursion they’re going on. Sure, they have to spend a little more money than in the hostels and guesthouses, but in the end, based on the ideal environment they offer when considering the work that needs to be done, serviced apartments are worth the price.

However, if you are looking for a cheaper option, you can check out various hostels and get a private room where you might not get disturbed during work hours. For instance, if you are traveling to Jerusalem as a digital nomad, you can look for hostels in Jerusalem that can provide you with single-occupancy rooms. Those may cost lesser than a hotel and you will also have your much-needed privacy. Also, you may have to ensure that your productivity and work efficiency doesn’t drop.

Working when everyone is playing?

If you’re not yourself part of the digital nomad world as a remote worker who has decided to exercise their freedom to travel, then you probably won’t understand why digital nomads always seem to be working when everyone else around them is enjoying the destination they’re visiting.

Playing when everyone is working?

It works the other way as well – sometimes you meet someone who refers to themselves as a digital nomad while on a business trip and yet you never quite see them doing any work with their laptops. Seemingly they have a stash of money hidden away somewhere and their location-independence is just an excuse to jet off to the destination you find yourself in.

Getting it right with mixing business and pleasure

When travellers who identify as digital nomads seem to be relaxing when everyone else is working as part of their business trip and also always seem to be working when everyone else is enjoying the holiday they’ve gone on, it’s simply a matter of trying to strike a balance between the two. Unfortunately it’s usually in the form of having to dedicate a prolonged, continuous period of time to one or the other of these aspects of the trip, because alternating between the two makes it hard to establish some kind of rhythm.

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