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Best Gifts for a Workaholic

21st October 2018

While you might think that the best gift for a workaholic is one that takes their mind off their work, the truth is that these busy bees enjoy the time they spend working.

And in fact, the right present would be one that makes their work easier. Workaholics are usually very stressed, so giving them a gift that relieves their stress could also be very good. For example, many people give vaporizers as a gift, as it is a great relaxing agent. As long as some basic guidelines (outlined in articles by Fin Channel and others) are followed while smoking, vaporizers could be of immense help to workaholics. This is one example, but it illustrates the larger point that when you look for a gift for your work-addled buddies, you have to keep these things in mind.

Think of it as a double-edged sword. You get to give them something that they will remember you for, and the present allows them to finish work faster and have some free time for themselves. For example, it can be one of those Kinetic Labs Keyboards that can be customized or a good quality headset for their zoom calls.

Let’s check out some other gifts for a workaholic.

1. Bluetooth enables espresso machine

If there is one thing workaholics need it’s got to be a good pick me up. When they are feeling weary after working on their tasks for a long time, a good cup of coffee will do just fine.

And if the espresso machine lets them choose between Lungo, Americano, Risretto as well as the good old Espresso, well, even better.

One of the great things about Bluetooth-controlled espresso machines is that you can fix the next cup quickly and efficiently with a single touch of a button saving you the time of getting up and making it yourself.

Moreover, if you are gifting a commercial grade machine, probably bought through online websites such as Nella, the person can enjoy cafe-style coffee at home and save a lot of money, which they regularly spend on cafes and restaurants for the daily dose of espresso.

2. Smart Pad

Workaholics that spend a lot of their time writing down notes will especially find this gift useful. By simply writing on the smart pad, you can convert them into text and send them across a range of devices.

The best smart pad should be compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, as well as Android devices.

Forget the hassle of always being in front of a computer, a smart pad will help the workaholic jot down their schedule with ease.

3. Cord roll for travel

For the workaholic that travels a lot, shoving the USB, phone charger and earphones at the bottom of the bag can result in an entangled mess of wires.

It gets hectic trying to unwind them all. However, the travel cord roll will ensure every cord is neatly packed in its own compartment making accessibility simple.

This saves on a lot of time when unpacking which can be directed towards more productive activities.

4. Wireless inkjet printer

Printing can be quite the task. And for a workaholic who has a lot to accomplish by the end of the day, there can be a lot of time wasted on printing.

The solution comes in the form of a wireless inkjet printer. It should be compact enough for a medium sized office and should also print documents via a smartphone.

Wi-Fi Accessibility eliminates the need to stand up and walk to the printer which saves valuable time.

5. Indoor plants

Indoor plants not only improve the aesthetics of the room but studies have shown that they help nurture a feeling of wellness.

This is great news for a workaholic as stress is a factor that they have to deal with on a frequent basis.

You can even make some fun DIY plant stands so that your friend is able to place them on the desk or next to the chair. To learn how this can be done, click here.

Anything that can reduce the levels of stress will ultimately improve productivity as well as promote overall health.

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