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The Best Online Marketplaces Ranked

8th March 2018

In this day and age where modern technology has taken over most of our lives, it has massively reshaped the landscape when it comes to owning a business. E-commerce platforms have changed the game, allowing small-time businesses go head-to-head with big names in the industry. The power of the internet has opened a vast opportunity for anyone looking to sell their products online. You’ve got retailers and wholesalers looking to vye for the top spot in the E-commerce field.


Here we’ll be taking a look at the best online marketplaces ranked and how they managed to stay ahead of the competition.




There’s no doubt that Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla when it comes to being one of the best e-commerce sites. Being the largest online marketplace in the USA cements Amazon’s positioning as a top presence in the industry by offering a variety of different products for every consumer. Amazon continues to expand their presence by offering more services such as Alexa (their virtual assistant service), multimedia products, and many more.


Amazon’s growth as a multi-billion dollar corporation has allowed it to operate in different continents such as Asia, North America, and even Europe with a massive database that spans from more than 180 different countries. Their insanely large product library along with their user-friendly interface makes it one of the best online marketplaces ranked today.




Ebay is one of the first E-commerce corporations that spearheaded online shopping. Currently, Ebay boasts 190 markets with hundreds of millions of active buyers. It works very much like Amazon where you can buy and sell products from their website where they boast an extensive library of goods as well. Large and small business flock to Ebay to offer their sales, services, and goods.


With around 26.6 million unique visitors on their page per month, Ebay is a great place for wholesalers and retailers. You’ve got a myriad of different payment options to choose from and they give you numerous shipping options as well, giving you plenty of flexibility with the products that you’re selling and purchasing.




Etsy ranks as one of the best online marketplaces that centers around products such as personal ornaments, handmade crafts, artworks, and the like. It boasts a huge database of over 45 million items and boasting active buyers of more than 28 million. Vintage items, jewelry, and clothing pieces are the hallmark of Etsy which makes it a great e-commerce site that offers rare and unique pieces. It has continually grown into an online marketplace giant ever since its inception back in 2005. The great thing about Etsy is that you can shop offline from Etsy merchants by taking a look at their flea markets and boutiques.


These online marketplaces are at the top of the e-commerce game right now. They consistently garner large amounts of traffic which makes them a great option to selling your products online. Their presence is ever growing and their positioning at the top won’t going be away anytime soon.

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