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5 Essential Apps for Saving Money

2nd February 2018

Everyone welcomes a little extra cash. The problem is that it is just one of those things that are not so simple. We want to spend as well.

One of the ways to earn some extra cash is to well, earn more. You can than then use this extra cash to build on your savings.

But there is also another easier way. It is called spending less to save more. And to help you achieve this, there are some simple apps that you can download on your smartphone.

I know, sounds cool. That’s because it is!

Let’s learn more about some of these apps for saving money.

1.    Qapital

With Qapital you get a chance to make savings from your day to day activities.

It all begins with you linking the app to your checking account. Next, set your goals and the app will open a savings account at a partnering bank.

Now to the juicy part.

Set up instructions with Qapital app on how you are going to transfer your savings. For example, you could instruct the app to round off cash to the nearest pound on your savings after purchasing and send it to your account every Saturday.

And the great thing is that the app is completely free.

3.    Wallaby

To use Wallaby, you will need to link all your credit cards to the app. Its main function is to track your spending and suggest which cards are best in which situation.

With this information, you can take advantage of the available rewards. The great thing is that users are also able to see any type of suspicious spending. You have a single point where you can track your bonuses and rewards.

This also means that once they have accumulated to sufficient amounts, you can claim those rewards for cash backs which you can then transfer to your savings.

2.    ClarityMoney

One of the best ways to save a little something is through canceling subscriptions that you really do not need. And ClarityMoney helps you do just that.

With its algorithm, the app will scan through all of your subscriptions and tell you which you use less or not at all.

What’s more, ClarityMoney will also tell you which credit cards are best to use with your type of spending. This allows you to avoid going beyond your budget. In case you do, you will receive an alert.

4.    ShopSavvy

This is a handy-dandy app that allows you to check prices between different retailers and see which one offers the least price for the item you want to buy.

And it doesn’t end there. You will also receive deal alerts as well as reviews to help you make the best purchase decision.

The app is completely free and finally, you can forget about wondering where you can get the best deal. And the money you save on your deals can be directed towards your savings

5.    Earny

Here’s an interesting one!

The Earny app monitors the prices of the products that you’ve already purchased. If there is a recent drop, it automatically sends an email to the company or retailer asking them to send you a refund.

And where do you take these refunds? You guessed it, savings.

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